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initiate, conclude, terminate, finish


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How to pronounce launch (audio)


Dictionary definition of launch

The act of initiating or starting something, typically a project, venture, or mission.
"The company plans to launch its new product line next month."

Detailed meaning of launch

It involves setting into motion or commencing an activity or endeavor with purpose and intention. When you launch something, you propel it forward, often with the aim of achieving a specific goal or objective. It implies taking the necessary steps to bring a concept, product, or idea into existence or into the public domain. Launching often involves careful planning, preparation, and execution, as well as the allocation of resources and the coordination of various elements. It is a dynamic and proactive action that denotes the beginning of an enterprise or undertaking, signaling the transition from the planning or development stage to the active implementation or release phase.

Example sentences containing launch

1. The rocket was successfully launched into space.
2. She decided to launch her own business after years of planning.
3. The organization is set to launch a nationwide campaign for environmental conservation.
4. The website will be officially launched at the end of the week.
5. They are preparing to launch a new advertising campaign to increase brand awareness.
6. The team is excited to launch their innovative app in the market.

History and etymology of launch

The verb 'launch' has a fascinating etymology rooted in the Old English word 'hlencan,' which meant to hurl or throw. This ancient term evolved over time to include the notion of sending a vessel or object into motion, particularly into water. By the late Middle English period, 'launch' had acquired its modern sense of initiating or starting something, such as a project, venture, or mission. The transformation of the word from hurling objects into motion to starting endeavors reflects the dynamic nature of human innovation and enterprise, where the act of launching represents the pivotal moment when something new is set in motion or introduced to the world.

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Further usage examples of launch

1. The author will launch her latest book with a book signing event.
2. The charity is launching a fundraising initiative to support local communities.
3. The fashion designer is about to launch a new collection during Fashion Week.
4. The museum is planning to launch a series of interactive exhibits for visitors.
5. The film studio will launch its highly anticipated movie in theaters worldwide.
6. The company plans to launch a new product next month.
7. They decided to launch their startup despite the risks.
8. The rocket will launch at dawn for its mission to Mars.
9. She hopes to launch her career in the music industry soon.
10. Our team will launch a campaign to raise awareness.
11. The chef will launch a new menu at the restaurant tomorrow.
12. The movie studio will launch its blockbuster film in July.
13. He wants to launch a fitness program for the community.
14. The organization aims to launch a charity event this year.
15. They will launch a probe to explore the distant planet.
16. She's eager to launch her own fashion line someday.
17. The book publisher will launch the author's debut novel.
18. We plan to launch a podcast series about science.
19. The city will launch a recycling initiative next week.
20. He's determined to launch a successful tech startup.
21. The artist will launch an exhibit at the gallery soon.
22. They aim to launch a humanitarian mission abroad.
23. The fashion designer will launch a clothing collection.
24. The team will launch a new software update tomorrow.
25. She dreams of launching a non-profit for animal welfare.

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