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How to pronounce leftist (audio)


Dictionary definition of leftist

An individual or group of people who hold political or social ideologies that lean towards the left side of the ideological spectrum.
"Many young people find themselves aligning with leftist ideologies as they enter college."

Detailed meaning of leftist

Generally associated with progressive or liberal views, leftists advocate for social equality, economic justice, and often support policies that aim to reduce social and economic disparities. Leftists typically prioritize collective responsibility, emphasize social welfare, and promote policies such as wealth redistribution, workers' rights, and government intervention to address systemic issues. They may also advocate for progressive social values, including gender equality, LGBTQ+ rights, and environmental sustainability. The specific beliefs and priorities of leftists can vary across different contexts and countries, but they generally seek to challenge existing power structures and promote a more equitable and inclusive society.

Example sentences containing leftist

1. The leftist candidate surprised everyone with his victory in the elections.
2. The party's leftist agenda focuses on wealth redistribution and social equality.
3. The mayor is a staunch leftist and has been working to implement progressive policies in the city.
4. The debate between the conservative and the leftist was fiery and full of strong arguments.
5. Historically, the country has swung between right-wing and leftist governments.
6. The media often portrays him as a radical leftist, though his views are more moderate.

History and etymology of leftist

The noun 'leftist' is a relatively modern term that emerged in the early 20th century. It is a derivative of the word 'left,' which has been used in political contexts since the French Revolution to describe individuals or groups with progressive, liberal, or socialist political ideologies. The etymology of 'left' in this context is based on the seating arrangements in the French National Assembly of 1789, where supporters of the monarchy sat on the right, and those advocating for radical change and equality sat on the left. 'Leftist' thus refers to individuals or groups who lean towards the left side of the ideological spectrum, emphasizing their alignment with progressive and often socially reformist political views. The term has since become a common descriptor for those who advocate for greater social and economic equality and government intervention in various aspects of society.

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Further usage examples of leftist

1. The book delves into the rise of leftist movements in Latin America.
2. She writes a popular leftist blog that covers social issues and politics.
3. The leftist rally was well-attended, drawing people from various walks of life.
4. Some people are concerned that the leftist policies could lead to economic challenges.
5. His transition from a centrist to a staunch leftist was gradual and informed by personal experiences.
6. The group has a few leftist members who are trying to push for more progressive reforms.
7. As a historian, she specializes in the impact of leftist movements on 20th-century Europe.
8. The leftist magazine covers a range of topics, including environmental issues and workers' rights.
9. The leftist advocated for social justice at the protest.
10. The university campus is known for its active leftist community.
11. She's a dedicated leftist, always pushing for progressive policies.
12. The political debate featured both right-wing and leftist speakers.
13. Many consider him a prominent leftist thinker.
14. The party's platform aligns with the ideals of leftist voters.
15. The leftist candidate won the hearts of young voters.
16. The media often portrays him as a radical leftist.
17. She's been involved in leftist activism for years.
18. The rally attracted a diverse group of leftist supporters.
19. The union is dominated by leftist leaders.
20. He's known for his fiery leftist speeches.
21. The book explores the history of leftist movements.
22. The organization advocates for leftist economic policies.
23. The country has a history of leftist governments.
24. She joined a leftist club on campus to promote change.
25. The leftist party gained momentum in the recent election.
26. The debate panel included both leftist and conservative voices.
27. He's a staunch defender of leftist values.
28. The activist was inspired by the writings of famous leftists.

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