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Definition of 'lowbrow'

A person or cultural artifact that is considered unsophisticated or lacking in intellectual depth.
"The film was a lowbrow comedy, filled with slapstick humor and juvenile jokes."

Detailed Meaning of 'lowbrow'

It typically describes forms of entertainment, art, or literature that are regarded as crude, simplistic, or appealing to popular tastes. The term 'lowbrow' is often used to denote works that prioritize immediate gratification and entertainment value over complex or thought-provoking content. It is associated with a style or genre that is accessible and easily digestible, but not necessarily intellectually stimulating. However, it's important to note that the term 'lowbrow' is subjective and can be used in a derogatory manner, reflecting personal or societal judgments on cultural preferences.


Examples of 'lowbrow' in a Sentence

1. The lowbrow comedy show drew a rowdy crowd with its slapstick humor.
2. Critics dismissed the film as a lowbrow attempt at shock value.
3. His taste in music was decidedly lowbrow, favoring pop hits over classical compositions.
4. The art gallery featured a mix of highbrow and lowbrow artworks.
5. She found solace in lowbrow novels after a long day at work.
6. Their conversation was disappointingly lowbrow, lacking in depth.

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Origins & Etymology of 'lowbrow'

The term 'lowbrow' is a relatively modern coinage, emerging in the early 20th century as a colloquial expression to describe individuals or cultural artifacts perceived as unsophisticated or lacking in intellectual depth. Its etymology can be broken down into two parts: 'low' and 'brow.' 'Low' has Old English origins, rooted in the word 'hlēaw,' which meant 'not high' or 'not elevated.' 'Brow,' on the other hand, has its roots in Middle English, where it referred to the forehead or the expressive features of a person's face. When combined, 'lowbrow' metaphorically alludes to a lack of intellectual elevation or depth, suggesting that someone or something is not associated with high culture or refined tastes. This term has been used to categorize a range of cultural phenomena considered less sophisticated or highbrow in contrast to more intellectually challenging or refined pursuits.


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