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How to pronounce manifold (audio)

Dictionary definition of manifold

Characterized by a multitude of diverse or varied elements, aspects, or features.
"The manifold opinions within the group led to a lengthy discussion."

Detailed meaning of manifold

It suggests complexity, diversity, and richness in a single entity or concept. When something is described as manifold, it implies that it possesses numerous facets, components, or qualities, often interconnected or interrelated. This term can be applied to a wide range of subjects, from the manifold challenges of a complex problem to the manifold flavors in a diverse cuisine. In essence, "manifold" underscores the idea of multiplicity and diversity within a unified whole, highlighting the richness and intricacy of the subject or object in question.

Example sentences containing manifold

1. The artist's portfolio showcases her manifold talents, from painting to sculpture.
2. The challenges of the project were manifold, requiring diverse skills.
3. Nature's beauty is manifold, with its myriad colors, shapes, and sounds.
4. The benefits of exercise are manifold, from physical to mental health.
5. The city's manifold attractions draw visitors from around the world.
6. The novel's plot is manifold, weaving together multiple storylines.

History and etymology of manifold

The adjective 'manifold' has an etymology rooted in Old English and Middle English, contributing to its rich historical context. It can be traced back to the Old English word 'manigfeald,' where 'manig' means 'many' or 'numerous,' and 'feald' means 'fold' or 'complicated.' In Middle English, this evolved into 'manifold,' retaining its sense of complexity and diversity. Therefore, etymologically, 'manifold' signifies something characterized by a multitude of diverse or varied elements, aspects, or features, reflecting its contemporary definition and emphasizing its intricate and multifaceted nature.

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Further usage examples of manifold

1. The scientist explored the manifold complexities of the human brain.
2. In a world of manifold opportunities, he pursued his true passion.
3. The cultural festival celebrated the manifold traditions of the region.
4. Technology has brought manifold changes to our daily lives.
5. The restaurant's menu offers a manifold selection of international cuisines.
6. The project's success can be attributed to its manifold benefits.
7. Her skills were manifold, ranging from programming to graphic design.
8. The artist's portfolio showcased the manifold styles she had mastered.
9. The old mansion had a manifold history, including tales of ghostly encounters.
10. The software offered manifold customization options for users.
11. The ecosystem in the rainforest is manifold, with countless species.
12. The city's attractions were manifold, catering to a diverse range of interests.
13. The scientist uncovered manifold mysteries of the deep sea.
14. The recipe called for the use of manifold spices to create a complex flavor.
15. The possibilities for adventure in this city are manifold.
16. The symphony orchestra's performance showcased the manifold talents of its members.
17. The charity organization had a manifold approach to addressing community needs.
18. The novel had a manifold plot with multiple intertwining storylines.
19. The entrepreneur's vision encompassed manifold opportunities for growth.
20. The seminar explored the manifold challenges of sustainable agriculture.
21. The professor's research covered manifold topics in the field of astrophysics.
22. The car's manifold engine issues required extensive repairs.
23. The multicultural festival celebrated the manifold traditions of the community.
24. The professor's lecture provided a manifold perspective on the historical event.



diverse, singular, limited, uniform


Complexity and Intricacy, Anomaly and Difference, Variety and Diversity, Opposites and Differences

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