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How to pronounce masquerade (audio)

Dictionary definition of masquerade

To dress up in a costume or disguise to conceal one's true identity.
"The burglar planned to masquerade as a repairman to gain entry."

Detailed meaning of masquerade

It can also refer to pretending to be someone or something else in order to deceive others. When someone masquerades, they are essentially assuming a different persona, whether it be through a physical costume or a false identity. This verb can be used in a variety of contexts, from costume parties and theatrical performances to criminal activity such as identity theft or fraud. The act of masquerading often involves a degree of performance or acting, as the individual attempts to convincingly portray their new persona.

Example sentences containing masquerade

1. Why don't we masquerade as tourists and explore our own city?
2. I was asked to masquerade as the boss while he was out of town.
3. We decided to masquerade as our favorite superheroes for the annual Comic Con.
4. The cat seemed to masquerade as a statue, sitting perfectly still on the mantel.
5. Sometimes, they masquerade as responsible citizens, but we know their true nature.
6. You should masquerade as a detective in our upcoming school play.

History and etymology of masquerade

The verb 'masquerade' has a rich etymology that leads us to the fascinating world of masked balls and elaborate disguises. It finds its origins in the French language, specifically from the word 'masquer,' which means 'to wear a mask' or 'to disguise oneself.' This French term can be traced back to the Italian word 'maschera,' referring to a mask. 'Maschera' ultimately has its roots in the Arabic word 'maskhara,' meaning 'buffoon' or 'jester.' The evolution of 'masquerade' in English reflects the tradition of dressing up in masks and costumes, often for festive or secretive purposes. Hence, the etymology of 'masquerade' highlights its historical association with donning masks and disguises to conceal one's true identity or to participate in elaborate social events, tracing its linguistic journey from Arabic to Italian and finally to English.

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Further usage examples of masquerade

1. Let's masquerade as our own parents, just for fun.
2. I will masquerade as a student to better understand the education system.
3. The wolf would masquerade as a sheep to sneak into the flock.
4. The mock interview will require you to masquerade as a job applicant.
5. I suggest you masquerade as a historian at the Renaissance fair.
6. Her wish was to masquerade as a princess at her own birthday party.
7. We could masquerade as the famous Beatles band for the talent show.
8. To get closer to his prey, the hunter would masquerade as a harmless pedestrian.
9. They plan to masquerade as aliens for the science fiction convention.
10. To better empathize with her employees, the CEO decided to masquerade as an entry-level worker.
11. The best part of the movie was when the main character had to masquerade as his own twin.
12. It was his job to masquerade as a guard in the popular action movie.
13. The idea was to masquerade as zombies for the Halloween parade.
14. When we play, you can masquerade as a pirate and I will be the lost treasure.



disguise, reveal, unmask, show


Deceit and Pretense, Performance and Display, Identity and Representation

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