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How to pronounce materialize (audio)


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Dictionary definition of materialize

To become visible, concrete, or tangible, often after being abstract or hypothetical.
"Their dream of starting a business began to materialize."

Detailed meaning of materialize

When something materializes, it becomes real or present in a physical form or manifestation. For example, a plan or idea may materialize into a tangible product, a dream may materialize into a reality, or an opportunity may materialize into a job offer. Materialization can also refer to the appearance or manifestation of something that was previously invisible or hidden. For instance, a ghost or a spirit may materialize before someone's eyes, or a previously missing object may suddenly materialize in a previously searched area. Overall, the verb 'materialize' is often used to describe a transformation from abstract to concrete or from intangible to tangible, with an emphasis on the emergence of a physical manifestation.

Example sentences containing materialize

1. The solution to the problem started to materialize in their mind.
2. We hope that our plans will materialize into reality.
3. They were amazed to see their artwork materialize on the canvas.
4. The long-awaited promotion began to materialize after years of hard work.
5. Dreams can materialize if you work towards them consistently.
6. The vision for the project started to materialize as the team collaborated.

History and etymology of materialize

The verb 'materialize' has an etymology that combines Latin and English elements. It is derived from the Latin word 'materia,' meaning 'matter' or 'substance,' and the English suffix '-ize,' which is used to form verbs denoting the process or result of a particular action. 'Materialize' entered the English language in the 19th century and is used to describe the act of becoming visible, concrete, or tangible, often after being abstract or hypothetical. Its etymology underscores the transformation from the abstract or immaterial into something with substance or form, as implied by the inclusion of 'materia,' which signifies matter or substance, and the '-ize' suffix indicating the process of becoming. This term emphasizes the transition from the intangible to the tangible, marking the point at which something takes on physical existence or presence.

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Further usage examples of materialize

1. Their efforts and dedication allowed the project to materialize successfully.
2. The plan to renovate the house is beginning to materialize.
3. They waited anxiously for their dreams to materialize.
4. The idea for a new invention is starting to materialize in their mind.
5. The long hours of practice enabled their skills to materialize on stage.
6. The financial support needed for the project is expected to materialize soon.
7. They visualized their goals and worked diligently to materialize them.
8. The concept for the new product is beginning to materialize through prototypes.
9. The opportunity to work with a renowned artist started to materialize.
10. They felt a sense of relief as their plans started to materialize.
11. The dream of traveling to space may materialize soon.
12. Hopes for a peaceful resolution began to materialize.
13. Innovation helped the concept materialize into reality.
14. The artist watched their vision materialize on canvas.
15. After years of hard work, success finally materialized.
16. An unexpected opportunity started to materialize.
17. The mist cleared, and the castle materialized before us.
18. With determination, his plan began to materialize.
19. Love has the power to make dreams materialize.
20. The startup's potential began to materialize through sales.
21. In the darkness, a faint outline started to materialize.
22. Patience is key for goals to materialize effectively.
23. The solution to the puzzle began to materialize.
24. The stars slowly materialized in the night sky.



appear, vanish, disappear, dissolve


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