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How to pronounce metrological (audio)

Dictionary definition of metrological

The scientific study and application of measurement.
"Metrological studies aim to ensure accuracy and precision in scientific measurements."

Detailed meaning of metrological

It specifically refers to the branch of science that deals with the principles, techniques, and standards of measurement, including the development and maintenance of measurement standards. Metrological practices involve the accurate and precise measurement of physical quantities, such as length, mass, time, temperature, and electrical units. The goal of metrology is to ensure uniformity, reliability, and comparability in measurements, enabling consistency and accuracy across different systems and industries. Metrological standards and protocols are established to ensure the traceability and consistency of measurements, providing a foundation for scientific research, industry standards, and trade. Metrological advancements and research contribute to the improvement of measurement techniques, calibration methods, and the overall reliability of measurement systems. Overall, "metrological" pertains to the field of measurement science, encompassing the principles, standards, and practices that underpin accurate and reliable measurements.

Example sentences containing metrological

1. Metrological standards ensure consistent measurements worldwide.
2. Metrological tools are essential for accurate scientific data.
3. A metrological institute promotes precision in measurement.
4. We focus on metrological advancements in technology.
5. Metrological precision is vital in experimental sciences.
6. Engineers rely on metrological practices for accuracy.

History and etymology of metrological

The noun 'metrological' is derived from the Greek word 'metron,' meaning 'measure,' and the suffix '-logy,' which is derived from the Greek word 'logia,' signifying 'study' or 'science.' Examining its etymology, we discern that 'metrological' encapsulates the scientific study and application of measurement. This etymological connection underscores the profound significance of measurement as the central focus of this field, emphasizing its role as a systematic and precise study. In essence, 'metrological' denotes the rigorous examination and application of measurement principles, reflecting its roots in the Greek word for 'measure' and the suffix that denotes the study of a particular science or discipline.

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Further usage examples of metrological

1. Metrological consistency supports global data integration.
2. Metrological errors can significantly impact research results.
3. The metrological system ensures reliable measurements.
4. Innovation in metrological tools boosts accuracy.
5. Metrological data aids in validating scientific hypotheses.
6. Advances in metrological techniques improve data quality.
7. Metrological instruments undergo rigorous calibration.
8. Global metrological standards enhance data comparability.
9. Accurate metrological processes are essential in labs.
10. Metrological protocols ensure consistency in experiments.
11. Calibration adheres to metrological specifications globally.
12. Students learn metrological principles in science courses.
13. Technological innovation impacts metrological applications.
14. Metrological studies refine measurement techniques constantly.
15. The metrological laboratory is responsible for calibrating measurement instruments.
16. Metrological standards play a crucial role in international trade and commerce.
17. The metrological conference brought together experts in the field to discuss measurement advancements.
18. Metrological research focuses on developing new techniques for precise measurement.
19. The metrological institute oversees the establishment and maintenance of measurement standards.
20. Metrological traceability ensures that measurements can be traced back to internationally recognized standards.
21. Metrological advancements have revolutionized industries reliant on accurate measurements, such as aerospace and pharmaceuticals.
22. The metrological community collaborates to address measurement challenges and promote best practices.
23. Metrological accuracy is essential in fields such as meteorology and geophysics for reliable weather and seismic monitoring.
24. The metrological report provided detailed information on the measurement uncertainty and traceability of the data.
25. The metrological program offers training and certification in measurement techniques and quality control.



measurement-related, nonmeasurable, inestimable, unquantifiable


SAT 16 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Biological and Geological Sciences, Science and Technology

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