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How to pronounce mindless (audio)

Dictionary definition of mindless

Without thought, consciousness, or awareness.
"The mindless scrolling through social media consumed hours of her day."

Detailed meaning of mindless

It suggests a lack of mental engagement, mindfulness, or intellectual effort. When something is described as mindless, it implies a state of being automatic, mechanical, or lacking purposeful intent. Mindless activities are typically carried out without active cognitive involvement, often driven by habit, routine, or external stimuli. The term can also imply a sense of thoughtlessness, where actions are performed without considering their consequences or implications. Mindless behavior can be characterized by a lack of critical thinking, mindfulness, or attentiveness. It may involve repetitive actions, adherence to social norms without personal reflection, or the consumption of media or entertainment without active engagement or reflection. Overall, "mindless" denotes a lack of conscious awareness, intellectual engagement, or deliberate intention in one's actions or behaviors.

Example sentences containing mindless

1. He performed the mindless task of sorting papers into different folders.
2. Mindless chatter filled the room, distracting everyone from their work.
3. The mindless repetition of the exercise bored him to tears.
4. She found solace in mindless activities like coloring or knitting.
5. Mindless eating led to weight gain as she mindlessly reached for snacks throughout the day.
6. The mindless violence in the movie left her feeling uneasy.

History and etymology of mindless

The adjective 'mindless' has its roots in the Old English word 'myndelēas,' which can be broken down etymologically into two components. The first part, 'mynde,' derives from the Old English word 'gemynd,' meaning 'mind' or 'memory.' The suffix '-lēas' signifies 'lacking' or 'devoid of.' Therefore, 'mindless' etymologically conveys the idea of being devoid of a functioning mind or consciousness, reflecting a state without thought, awareness, or consciousness.

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Further usage examples of mindless

1. He got lost in mindless daydreaming, unaware of the passing time.
2. Mindless conformity kept them from expressing their true opinions.
3. Mindless routines made each day feel monotonous and uninspiring.
4. Mindless gossip spread through the office, causing unnecessary drama.
5. The mindless clicking of the remote control revealed his indecisiveness.
6. He stared at the mindless TV, lost in a sea of meaningless shows.
7. Mindless chatter filled the room, drowning out any meaningful conversation.
8. She went through the mindless routine of her daily commute.
9. Mindless repetition was his strategy to master the piano piece.
10. The mindless drone of the engine put him in a meditative state.
11. Mindless scrolling through social media left her feeling empty.
12. The mindless task of data entry felt never-ending.
13. Mindless consumption of junk food took a toll on his health.
14. His mindless decision led to regret later on.
15. Mindless violence erupted in the streets during the protest.
16. The mindless destruction of nature saddened environmentalists.
17. Mindless adherence to tradition stifled innovation.
18. Mindless obedience to authority can have dire consequences.
19. Mindless gossip only serves to spread rumors and negativity.
20. He spoke in a mindless monotone, putting everyone to sleep.
21. Mindless clicking on pop-up ads infected his computer with malware.
22. Mindless conformity stifles individual creativity.
23. Mindless use of technology is eroding our attention spans.
24. Mindless accumulation of material possessions brought no fulfillment.
25. Mindless wandering through the forest left him disoriented and lost.



thoughtless, thoughtful, mindful, conscious


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