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How to pronounce modesty (audio)

Dictionary definition of modesty

The quality or state of having a humble and unassuming attitude towards one's achievements, abilities, or appearance.
"She accepted the award with modesty, expressing gratitude to her team for their support."

Detailed meaning of modesty

It is a virtue often associated with modest behavior, dress, and speech. Individuals who possess modesty tend to avoid excessive self-promotion or seeking attention for their accomplishments, instead opting for a modest and understated demeanor. Modesty is often seen as an admirable trait, reflecting humility, self-awareness, and a respectful regard for others. It encourages individuals to downplay their own accomplishments and to value the contributions and achievements of others. In a world where self-promotion and self-aggrandizement are sometimes emphasized, modesty serves as a reminder of the importance of modesty, humility, and a balanced sense of self.

Example sentences containing modesty

1. Her modesty was evident, a graceful acceptance of praise without arrogance.
2. In his modesty, the hero downplayed his courageous acts as mere duty.
3. Their wealth didn't erode their modesty; they stayed humble and grounded.
4. Modesty adorned her like a garment, adding to her elegant, graceful aura.
5. Even as a star, his modesty kept him connected to his roots and values.
6. Her talent was immense, yet marked by an enduring sense of modesty.

History and etymology of modesty

The noun 'modesty' shares its etymological roots with the adjective 'modest.' It originates from the Latin word 'modestia,' which is derived from 'modestus,' itself stemming from 'modus,' meaning 'measure' or 'limit.' This etymology underscores the connection between 'modesty' and the idea of adhering to a measured or limited approach in one's attitudes, especially towards one's achievements, abilities, or appearance. 'Modesty' represents the quality or state of having a humble and unassuming demeanor, avoiding excessive pride or self-promotion. It reflects the virtue of restraint and the appreciation of maintaining a balanced and decorous attitude in various aspects of life.

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Further usage examples of modesty

1. Amidst accolades, his modesty shone, revealing a man of true character.
2. With modesty, the artist presented her works, letting them speak for her.
3. They credited their success to teamwork, showcasing admirable modesty.
4. His modesty in victory won the hearts of both his supporters and critics.
5. Despite her skills, a genuine modesty defined her interactions with others.
6. Their modesty in wealth exemplified a rich, grounded, moral character.
7. Modesty was her jewel, illuminating her beauty from the inside out.
8. Amid fame, his modesty was a refreshing trait, endearing him to many.
9. Her achievements were many, yet she wore them with grace and modesty.
10. Modesty graced his speeches, a humble tone amidst significant achievements.
11. In an age of vanity, their modesty stood out, a beacon of enduring values.
12. With each award, their modesty echoed, a testament to their grounded nature.
13. Modesty was the architect’s signature, his designs elegant yet unassuming.
14. In her silence, a deep modesty resided, making her achievements echo louder.
15. His modesty prevented him from boasting about his recent promotion.
16. Modesty is her trademark; she never seeks attention for her accomplishments.
17. Despite his success, he maintains a sense of modesty and treats everyone with respect.
18. The actress displayed modesty by wearing a simple, elegant gown to the red carpet event.
19. Modesty compelled him to downplay his role in the project's success.
20. She spoke with modesty about her achievements, crediting her mentors and colleagues.
21. His modesty shone through as he gracefully accepted compliments for his artwork.
22. The modesty of her attire reflected her conservative values.
23. Modesty was ingrained in his upbringing, making him uncomfortable with excessive praise.
24. She exuded an air of modesty, preferring to let her work speak for itself.
25. Modesty dictated that he share credit with his team members for the project's accomplishments.



humility, arrogance, vanity, conceit


GRE 15 (Graduate Record Examination), SAT 20 (Scholastic Assessment Test), High School 13

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