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How to pronounce mollycoddle (audio)


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Dictionary definition of mollycoddle

To treat someone with excessive care and attention, often to the point of overindulgence or pampering.
"Parents often mollycoddle their children, fearing they might get hurt."

Detailed meaning of mollycoddle

When you mollycoddle someone, you are catering to their every need and desire, shielding them from any potential discomfort or difficulty. This can lead to a lack of self-sufficiency and independence in the person being mollycoddled, as they become accustomed to having everything done for them. Additionally, mollycoddling can sometimes be seen as a form of coddling that prevents people from facing challenges and developing the necessary resilience and coping skills to deal with life's difficulties.

Example sentences containing mollycoddle

1. She tends to mollycoddle her pet, pampering it with treats and toys.
2. The teacher refused to mollycoddle the students, expecting them to work hard.
3. He would often mollycoddle his younger brother, protecting him from any harm.
4. The coach decided not to mollycoddle the team, pushing them to their limits.
5. Despite her success, she never allowed fame to mollycoddle her.
6. It's important not to mollycoddle employees too much, as it can hinder their independence.

History and etymology of mollycoddle

The verb 'mollycoddle' has a whimsical and somewhat uncertain etymology. Its origin is not entirely clear, but it likely emerged in 19th-century British English. One theory suggests that 'mollycoddle' may have been a combination of two names: 'Molly' and 'Coddle.' 'Molly' was a common name, and 'Coddle' was used colloquially to describe a person who was overly pampered or indulged. Over time, these two terms may have merged to form 'mollycoddle,' a word that signifies the act of treating someone with excessive care and attention, often to the point of overindulgence or pampering. While the exact etymology remains somewhat mysterious, 'mollycoddle' has found its place in the English language to describe the practice of coddling and pampering with a touch of humor and exaggeration.

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Further usage examples of mollycoddle

1. The boss would often mollycoddle his favorite employees, giving them special treatment.
2. The politician promised not to mollycoddle the wealthy elite, but to prioritize the needs of the common people.
3. The military instructor refused to mollycoddle the recruits, pushing them to their physical limits.
4. Overprotective parents tend to mollycoddle their children, depriving them of valuable life lessons.
5. The manager's decision not to mollycoddle the team led to their remarkable growth and success.
6. She tends to mollycoddle her pets, providing them with the finest treats.
7. Parents often mollycoddle their firstborn children out of anxiety.
8. He realized he needed to stop mollycoddling his employees for better productivity.
9. It's important to strike a balance between nurturing and mollycoddling.
10. The celebrity was used to being mollycoddled by her entourage.
11. Don't mollycoddle him; he needs to learn to be independent.
12. The grandparents couldn't resist mollycoddling their grandchildren.
13. Overprotective parents tend to mollycoddle their kids, hindering their development.
14. She decided to stop mollycoddling herself and face life's challenges.
15. Managers must avoid mollycoddling employees while still providing support.
16. He believed that a bit of tough love was more effective than mollycoddling.
17. Her lavish lifestyle mollycoddled her sense of entitlement.
18. Parents should encourage resilience rather than mollycoddling.
19. The coach didn't believe in mollycoddling the athletes.
20. Some people mollycoddle their gadgets, protecting them like treasures.
21. Mollycoddling can lead to a lack of self-reliance and independence.
22. She mollycoddled her plants, ensuring they thrived in every season.
23. Mollycoddling may hinder personal growth and self-sufficiency.
24. He decided to stop mollycoddling himself and face life's challenges head-on.
25. Mollycoddling can inadvertently lead to a sense of entitlement.



pamper, neglect, disregard, ignore


SAT 2 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Help and Support, Intrigue and Advocacy

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