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How to pronounce morph (audio)


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Dictionary definition of morph

To transform or change gradually from one form or state into another.
"The urban landscape began to morph as more skyscrapers were built."


Detailed meaning of morph

It implies a shift in shape, appearance, or characteristics over time, often involving a series of intermediate stages. This term is commonly used in various contexts, including biology, where it refers to the transformation of one organism or structure into a different one, such as during metamorphosis in insects. In technology and animation, "morphing" involves the smooth and continuous transformation of one image or object into another, creating a seamless transition. Figuratively, "morph" can also be applied to describe the evolution or change of an idea, concept, or situation over time. Overall, "morph" emphasizes the notion of gradual and often visually distinct change or transformation from one state to another.

Example sentences containing morph

1. The caterpillar will soon morph into a butterfly.
2. The artist used digital software to morph one face into another.
3. The science fiction novel imagined a future where humans could morph their bodies.
4. The chameleon's ability to morph its skin color allows it to blend into its surroundings.
5. The experiment showed that the protein can morph into different shapes under certain conditions.
6. The virus has the ability to morph and evolve, making it difficult to develop a vaccine.

History and etymology of morph

The verb 'morph' has its origins in the ancient Greek word 'morphē,' which means 'form' or 'shape.' This Greek term served as the basis for various words related to form and transformation. In English, 'morph' emerged as a colloquial abbreviation of 'metamorphose' in the mid-20th century, influenced by the field of biology and its usage in describing the gradual transformation of one form into another, such as in the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly. Over time, 'morph' became widely adopted in informal and technical contexts, signifying the process of changing or transforming gradually from one form or state into another. The etymology of 'morph' thus reflects its Greek roots in the concept of form, and its modern usage aligns with the idea of gradual transformation.

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Further usage examples of morph

1. The magician's trick involved morphing a coin into a bird.
2. The film's special effects team used morphing techniques to create a seamless transformation between two characters.
3. The child was fascinated watching the tadpole morph into a frog.
4. The company's branding had to morph to keep up with changing market trends.
5. The scientist used CRISPR to morph the genetic material of the plant.
6. Technology's rapid evolution continues to morph the way we live and work.
7. Over time, the tadpole will gradually morph into a fully developed frog.
8. The city's skyline is destined to morph with the construction of new skyscrapers.
9. Life experiences have the power to morph your perspective on the world.
10. Creative minds often morph abstract concepts into stunning visual artworks.
11. Within the cocoon, the pupa will undergo a profound transformation and morph into a moth.
12. Long-term relationships can gradually morph as people change and adapt.
13. Scientists worry that the virus may mutate and morph into a more contagious strain.
14. The passage of time can subtly morph memories, making them less reliable.
15. Quality education has the potential to morph one's future, opening doors to new opportunities.
16. Software developers continuously morph their products to meet user demands.
17. A crisis has the potential to morph into an unexpected opportunity for personal growth.
18. Weather patterns can suddenly morph, catching forecasters off guard.
19. The power of words lies in their ability to morph into profound expressions of human emotion.
20. Innovation can disrupt and morph entire industries overnight.
21. Scientists are researching ways to morph ordinary cells into specialized ones for medical breakthroughs.
22. Throughout the novel, the characters will gradually morph, revealing their true natures.
23. Over generations, culture can morph and evolve, reflecting changing societal values.
24. Through their art, the painter will morph the ordinary into the extraordinary, blurring the lines between reality and imagination.



transform, remain, stagnate, persist


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