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throng, few, handful, couple


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How to pronounce multitude (audio)


Dictionary definition of multitude

A large number or a vast quantity of people, things, or entities gathered together or existing in a particular context.
"A multitude of stars could be seen in the night sky."

Detailed meaning of multitude

The adjective "manifold" is used to describe something that is characterized by a multitude of diverse or varied elements, aspects, or features. It suggests complexity, diversity, and richness in a single entity or concept. When something is described as manifold, it implies that it possesses numerous facets, components, or qualities, often interconnected or interrelated. This term can be applied to a wide range of subjects, from the manifold challenges of a complex problem to the manifold flavors in a diverse cuisine. In essence, "manifold" underscores the idea of multiplicity and diversity within a unified whole, highlighting the richness and intricacy of the subject or object in question.

Example sentences containing multitude

1. A multitude of stars twinkled in the night sky.
2. The stadium was filled with a multitude of cheering fans.
3. He faced a multitude of challenges in his new job.
4. The park was bustling with a multitude of picnickers.
5. The conference attracted a multitude of attendees.
6. She addressed a multitude of questions during the Q&A session.

History and etymology of multitude

The noun 'multitude' has its origins in the Latin language. It is derived from the Latin word 'multitudo,' which means 'a great number' or 'a multitude.' In ancient Rome, this term was used to describe large gatherings of people, especially in the context of public events, gatherings, or crowds. As it made its way into English, 'multitude' retained its essence, referring to a large and diverse assemblage of individuals, objects, or entities collected or existing within a specific context. It remains a word that conveys the idea of a vast and varied collection, emphasizing the sheer quantity or diversity of the elements involved.

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Further usage examples of multitude

1. A multitude of colorful flowers adorned the garden.
2. The city's skyline was a sight to behold with a multitude of skyscrapers.
3. The marketplace buzzed with a multitude of shoppers.
4. The ocean stretched out before them, vast and teeming with a multitude of marine life.
5. The museum displayed a multitude of ancient artifacts.
6. The restaurant offered a multitude of delicious cuisines.
7. He was known for his ability to juggle a multitude of tasks.
8. The parade featured a multitude of elaborate floats.
9. The forest was alive with a multitude of chirping birds.
10. The concert hall echoed with a multitude of musical instruments.
11. The lab was filled with a multitude of scientific equipment.
12. The diverse crowd represented a multitude of cultures.
13. She managed to organize a multitude of volunteers for the event.
14. The library had a multitude of books on various topics.
15. The city square hosted a multitude of street performers.
16. The puzzle had a multitude of intricate pieces.
17. The historical site attracted a multitude of tourists.
18. The company faced a multitude of financial challenges.
19. The political rally drew a multitude of passionate supporters.

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