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How to pronounce murmur (audio)

Dictionary definition of murmur

A soft, low, and indistinct sound or utterance.
"The meeting room was filled with a low murmur of discussion among the attendees."

Detailed meaning of murmur

It is characterized by a gentle and continuous humming or whispering noise. Murmurs are typically hushed or subdued, often requiring one to pay close attention to perceive them. They can be produced by various sources, such as voices, nature, or machinery. In the realm of human communication, a murmur can be a soft spoken conversation, a whisper, or a mumbled speech that is difficult to hear or understand. It can also describe the sound of a group of people engaged in quiet conversation or the background noise in a crowded room. Additionally, murmur is used in medical contexts to describe abnormal sounds heard during auscultation of the heart, lungs, or blood vessels. These murmurs may indicate underlying health conditions. Overall, the noun 'murmur' conveys a sense of gentle and soft sound, often associated with whispers, subdued conversations, or faint auditory cues.

Example sentences containing murmur

1. The sound of a gentle murmur filled the air as the leaves rustled in the breeze.
2. The students sat in quiet murmurs, discussing the upcoming exam.
3. The doctor detected a faint murmur during the patient's cardiac examination.
4. The distant murmur of waves crashing against the shore created a soothing atmosphere.
5. The couple's hushed murmurs in the restaurant hinted at a secret conversation.
6. The teacher quieted the murmurs in the classroom, signaling the start of the lesson.

History and etymology of murmur

The noun 'murmur' finds its etymological roots in the Middle English word 'murmure,' which was influenced by the Old French term 'murmure' and the Latin 'murmurare.' The Latin word 'murmurare' is an onomatopoeic expression that imitates the sound of a murmur or a low, indistinct utterance. This word 'murmurare' is derived from the even older Latin 'murmur,' which represents the soft, murmuring sound of a stream or a gentle breeze. The etymology of 'murmur' thus captures the essence of its meaning – a soft, low, and indistinct sound or utterance, echoing the gentle, flowing quality of its linguistic origins in both Latin and French.

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Further usage examples of murmur

1. The murmurs of the audience grew louder as the performer took the stage.
2. The elderly couple enjoyed their evening walk, listening to the murmur of the city at night.
3. The murmur of the river echoed through the peaceful valley.
4. The child's innocent murmur caught the attention of the nearby adults.
5. The doctor asked the patient to describe any symptoms or murmurs they had been experiencing.
6. The gentle murmur of the river provided a soothing backdrop.
7. A murmur of excitement filled the room as the star entered.
8. A murmur of discontent swept through the crowd.
9. The quiet murmur of conversation filled the cafe.
10. The distant murmur of waves calmed her restless mind.
11. The murmurs of approval grew louder as he spoke.
12. His murmur of apology barely reached her ears.
13. A murmur of agreement passed between the colleagues.
14. The murmur of the wind through the trees was enchanting.
15. The soft murmur of a lullaby put the baby to sleep.
16. There was a murmur of surprise when the results were revealed.
17. The murmurs of a secret meeting echoed in the hallway.
18. The murmurs of the audience intensified as the tension rose.
19. His murmur of gratitude warmed her heart.
20. A murmur of dissent arose during the heated debate.
21. The murmur of distant thunder signaled an impending storm.
22. The murmur of laughter filled the room as jokes were shared.
23. The murmurs of nature surrounded them in the wilderness.
24. The murmur of the crowd hushed as the speaker took the stage.
25. A gentle murmur of admiration followed her stunning entrance.



whisper, shout, yell, scream


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