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How to pronounce narrative (audio)

Dictionary definition of narrative

The way in which a series of events or facts are presented or organized in order to create a coherent and meaningful story.
"The journalist's narrative of the event was accurate and unbiased."

Detailed meaning of narrative

It is the way in which a story is told, including the sequence of events, the characters, and the point of view. The narrative can shape how events are perceived and can affect the interpretation of the events by the audience. For example, a news story that focuses on the victims of a natural disaster will have a different narrative than one that focuses on the response of the government or relief organizations. Similarly, different people or groups may have different narratives of the same event. It's important to note that narratives are not neutral, they are constructed and can be influenced by personal, cultural and historical perspectives.

Example sentences containing narrative

1. The author crafted a compelling narrative in her novel.
2. He was skilled at weaving a narrative in his speeches.
3. He was able to change the narrative of the company's image through his marketing strategy.
4. She was interested in the narrative of the indigenous people's history.
5. The film's narrative was non-linear and complex.
6. Health officials struggle to control the media narrative about monkeypox.

History and etymology of narrative

The noun 'narrative' traces its origins to the Latin word 'narrativus,' which is derived from the verb 'narrare,' meaning 'to tell' or 'to recount.' This Latin verb itself can be traced back to the earlier verb 'gnarus,' meaning 'knowing' or 'skilled.' Thus, the etymology of 'narrative' reflects the notion of skillfully recounting or telling a story. Over time, as storytelling became integral to human culture, 'narrative' evolved to describe the way in which a series of events or facts are skillfully organized and presented to create a coherent and meaningful story, capturing the essence of human experiences and knowledge passed down through generations.

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Further usage examples of narrative

1. He was able to create a narrative that justified his actions.
2. She was able to understand the cultural narrative by studying the society's literature.
3. The politician's narrative of the event was misleading and inaccurate.
4. He was able to create a narrative that engaged the audience in his presentation.
5. She was able to create a narrative that makes her art more meaningful.
6. The game's narrative was interactive and engaging.
7. The narrative of the novel, filled with unexpected twists and complex characters, kept readers engaged from start to finish.
8. Her personal narrative, a compelling tale of resilience and triumph over adversity, serves as an inspiration to many.
9. In history class, we analyze the narrative of past civilizations, exploring their rise and fall through the lens of time.
10. The journalist, with meticulous research and captivating storytelling, crafted a narrative that shed light on the intricacies of the political campaign.
11. The movie's narrative unfolds through multiple timelines, offering viewers a unique and immersive storytelling experience.
12. The company's success story, rooted in innovation and dedication, is a testament to its narrative of growth and achievement.
13. The book's narrative delves deep into the protagonist's inner struggles, allowing readers to empathize with their journey of self-discovery.
14. The narrative of the play, rich in symbolism and metaphor, explores profound themes of love, betrayal, and redemption.
15. His narrative of the adventure, narrated by the campfire's warm glow, kept the audience spellbound as they journeyed through the unknown.
16. The museum exhibit presents a vivid and educational narrative of ancient civilizations, showcasing artifacts that bring history to life.
17. The news anchor's narrative of the breaking story, delivered with urgency and accuracy, captivated viewers around the world.
18. The documentary filmmaker, driven by a desire to challenge the dominant narrative, ventured into untold stories and hidden truths.
19. The narrative of the family's journey, etched in the weathered pages of an old journal, revealed their struggles and triumphs in a bygone era.
20. The author's narrative voice, distinctive and engaging, drew readers into the richly woven tapestry of their storytelling.
21. The courtroom drama was driven by the lawyer's persuasive narrative, as they skillfully presented evidence and arguments to sway the jury.
22. The artist's paintings, each a masterpiece of color and emotion, tell a unique narrative of their life experiences and artistic evolution.
23. The marketing team, through a carefully crafted brand narrative, connected with consumers on a deeper level, fostering brand loyalty.
24. The folklore passed down through generations captures the cultural narrative of a community, preserving its traditions and beliefs.
25. The historical narrative, meticulously researched and expertly presented, provides valuable insights into the events and people of bygone eras, enriching our understanding of the past.



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