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How to pronounce neophyte (audio)


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Dictionary definition of neophyte

A person who is new to a particular field, subject, or activity and lacks experience or knowledge in it.
"The neophyte was eager to learn about the company's products."

Detailed meaning of neophyte

A neophyte is often considered a beginner or novice in the sense that they have only recently started to learn about a particular area and are still in the process of acquiring knowledge and skills. In some cases, the term is used to describe someone who has just started their journey in a particular profession or has just joined a new organization, religion, or social group. Neophytes are usually characterized by their eagerness and willingness to learn, but also by their lack of familiarity and confidence in the new environment. To be a neophyte is to be in a state of transition from ignorance to knowledge, from ignorance to experience, and from unfamiliarity to mastery. In many fields and subjects, the role of the neophyte is seen as an important and necessary one, as they bring fresh perspectives, ideas, and energy to the table.

Example sentences containing neophyte

1. As a neophyte in gardening, I was still learning about different plant species.
2. She joined the basketball team as a neophyte, but quickly improved her skills.
3. The neophyte chess player was eager to learn new strategies.
4. The meditation group welcomed its newest neophyte with open arms.
5. Despite being a neophyte in cooking, he managed to create a delicious meal.
6. In the world of digital marketing, she felt like a neophyte.

History and etymology of neophyte

The noun 'neophyte' has its etymology rooted in Greek. It is formed from two Greek words: 'neos,' meaning 'new,' and 'phytos,' meaning 'grown' or 'planted.' In Greek, 'neophytos' referred to a newly planted or recently converted person, particularly in the context of religious or philosophical conversions. Over time, in English, 'neophyte' has come to describe a person who is new to a particular field, subject, or activity and lacks experience or knowledge in it. It emphasizes the idea of someone just beginning their journey, much like a newly planted seedling, and conveys the sense of being a novice or beginner in a specific area. 'Neophyte' reflects its Greek origins in the concept of newness and inexperience.

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Further usage examples of neophyte

1. The workshop was perfect for neophytes who wanted to learn about coding.
2. He was a neophyte in the field of neuroscience, barely scratching the surface of its complexities.
3. As a neophyte, the nuances of the wine world fascinated her.
4. The neophyte astronaut was excited for his first space mission.
5. She handled the violin like a neophyte, unfamiliar with the instrument's intricacies.
6. The new employee, a neophyte in the corporate world, quickly adapted to his surroundings.
7. The neophyte baker was still learning the delicate balance of ingredients in a cake.
8. His first day at the gym made him realize he was a neophyte in fitness.
9. The company’s newest neophyte was eager to learn and contribute.
10. She, being a neophyte in journalism, was learning to ask the right questions.
11. The yoga class was filled with both experts and neophytes.
12. Despite being a neophyte, he handled the crisis with surprising confidence.
13. The teacher patiently guided the neophyte through the basics of painting.
14. As a neophyte to the city, she was still discovering new places every day.



beginner, expert, veteran, master


GRE 4 (Graduate Record Examination), SAT 9 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Growth and Development

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