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How to pronounce newfangled (audio)


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Dictionary definition of newfangled

Recent or modern, particularly in terms of design, technology, or ideas, and often implies a sense of novelty or innovation.
"She was unimpressed by the newfangled smartphone, preferring the simplicity of her old flip phone."

Detailed meaning of newfangled

It is used to refer to things that are perceived as unfamiliar or unconventional, suggesting a departure from traditional or established norms. This term is commonly associated with advancements or inventions that are seen as trendy or fashionable, often appealing to the younger generation. "Newfangled" can also imply a certain degree of skepticism or criticism, highlighting the potential lack of practicality or value in pursuing the latest trends or fads. Overall, the word captures the notion of something being new or recently introduced, but with an undertone of skepticism or skepticism about its lasting worth or significance.

Example sentences containing newfangled

1. The newfangled fitness gadget promised quick results, but he remained skeptical.
2. Grandma couldn't understand how to use the newfangled social media platforms.
3. The restaurant boasted a menu full of newfangled fusion dishes that intrigued adventurous diners.
4. The newfangled electric car turned heads as it silently glided down the street.
5. He dismissed the newfangled fashion trend, preferring classic and timeless styles.
6. The kids were captivated by the newfangled virtual reality game, completely engrossed in the digital world.

History and etymology of newfangled

The adjective 'newfangled' carries an intriguing etymology that reflects its association with modernity and innovation. It is a combination of two Old English words: 'neowe' meaning 'new' and 'fangen' meaning 'taken, grasped, or received.' In essence, 'newfangled' originally referred to something that had recently been taken or received, emphasizing its newness or novelty. Over time, the term evolved to describe objects, ideas, or technologies that were perceived as modern or innovative, often with a sense of skepticism or criticism, as it implied a departure from established traditions. This etymology highlights how the word has historically been used to both acknowledge and question the latest developments in design, technology, or ideas.

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Further usage examples of newfangled

1. The old mechanic scoffed at the newfangled diagnostic tool, relying on his tried-and-true methods.
2. She found it difficult to keep up with all the newfangled slang the younger generation used.
3. The museum showcased a collection of newfangled artworks that challenged traditional artistic conventions.
4. Despite his initial resistance, he eventually embraced the newfangled smart home technology, enjoying the convenience it offered.
5. The traditional baker refused to incorporate any newfangled ingredients into her recipes.
6. The company's marketing strategy relied heavily on newfangled digital advertising techniques.
7. The scientist's newfangled theory challenged long-held scientific beliefs.
8. The quaint bookstore struggled to compete with the newfangled online retailers.
9. He was skeptical of all these newfangled gadgets.
10. The newfangled smartphone has numerous features.
11. Her newfangled approach to cooking was intriguing.
12. This newfangled software is user-friendly and efficient.
13. They dismissed the newfangled fashion trends.
14. He clung to old traditions, shunning newfangled ideas.
15. The newfangled electric car impressed environmentalists.
16. Grandma didn't trust those newfangled self-driving cars.
17. The museum displayed a collection of newfangled inventions.
18. The newfangled coffee machine brews a perfect cup.
19. Critics debated the merits of newfangled architecture.
20. The professor embraced newfangled teaching methods.
21. The town resisted the newfangled urban development.
22. Their house was filled with newfangled gadgets.
23. The chef experimented with newfangled ingredients.
24. This newfangled contraption simplifies daily tasks.
25. They adapted to newfangled communication tools.
26. The young generation embraces newfangled trends.
27. He scoffed at the newfangled social media platforms.
28. The town square combined old charm with newfangled amenities.



modern, traditional, old-fashioned, outdated


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