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How to pronounce revolutionary (audio)


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Dictionary definition of revolutionary

Bringing about significant and far-reaching changes or innovations, often challenging established norms and practices.
"The invention of the internet was a revolutionary breakthrough that transformed communication worldwide."

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Detailed meaning of revolutionary

It embodies a transformative and groundbreaking nature, capable of reshaping entire systems, industries, or societies. A revolutionary idea, technology, or movement disrupts the status quo and introduces novel approaches that revolutionize the way things are done. It represents a departure from the ordinary and mundane, offering fresh perspectives and visionary solutions. A truly revolutionary concept possesses the power to inspire and mobilize people, igniting a paradigm shift and propelling humanity towards new horizons of progress and advancement.

Example sentences containing revolutionary

1. Marie Curie's pioneering research in radioactivity was considered revolutionary in the field of science.
2. The advent of smartphones brought about a revolutionary change in the way people interact and access information.
3. The Industrial Revolution in the 18th century marked a revolutionary shift from agrarian societies to industrialized nations.
4. The revolutionary ideas of Martin Luther King Jr.
5. paved the way for significant advancements in civil rights.
6. The invention of the printing press by Johannes Gutenberg was a revolutionary development that revolutionized the spread of knowledge.

History and etymology of revolutionary

The adjective 'revolutionary' finds its etymological roots in the word 'revolution,' which in turn derives from the Latin term 'revolutio,' meaning 'a turning around' or 'a complete cycle.' This etymology aptly reflects the essence of being 'revolutionary' as it implies a fundamental and significant change or transformation, much like a complete turn or cycle in historical, societal, or technological terms. To be 'revolutionary' is to challenge established norms and practices and to bring about far-reaching innovations or changes that disrupt the status quo, akin to the idea of a complete revolution or turnaround in the way things are done. Thus, the etymology of 'revolutionary' captures the essence of bringing about sweeping and transformative shifts in various aspects of human endeavor.

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Further usage examples of revolutionary

1. The concept of blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize various industries, such as finance and supply chain management.
2. The revolutionary concept of renewable energy sources is gradually replacing fossil fuels and reshaping the energy landscape.
3. The French Revolution of 1789 brought about a revolutionary shift in political power and led to the rise of modern democracy.
4. The revolutionary design of the iPhone revolutionized the smartphone industry and set new standards for innovation.
5. The revolutionary breakthroughs in medical science, such as gene editing and personalized medicine, are transforming the healthcare landscape.
6. The revolutionary technology transformed communication overnight.
7. Her groundbreaking research led to a revolutionary discovery.
8. The visionary inventor created a truly revolutionary device.
9. The artist's work was hailed as a revolutionary masterpiece.
10. Their revolutionary approach reshaped the entire industry.
11. The book introduced a revolutionary perspective on history.
12. The team developed a revolutionary solution to the problem.
13. The revolutionary leader inspired a wave of social change.
14. The software brought about a revolutionary shift in productivity.
15. His ideas sparked a revolutionary movement in philosophy.
16. The revolutionary concept challenged conventional thinking.
17. The medicine had a revolutionary impact on patient care.
18. The film's special effects were considered revolutionary.
19. Her fashion designs were seen as truly revolutionary.
20. The company's new product was hailed as revolutionary.
21. The revolutionary design won multiple awards.
22. The music album marked a revolutionary departure.
23. The revolutionary theory challenged established beliefs.
24. Their innovative product was truly revolutionary.
25. The speech delivered a revolutionary message of hope.



innovative, conventional, traditional, orthodox


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