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How to pronounce nightcap (audio)


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Dictionary definition of nightcap

A beverage, typically alcoholic, consumed before going to bed or as a way to wind down in the evening.
"The herbal tea served as a perfect non-alcoholic nightcap before bed."

Detailed meaning of nightcap

It is often enjoyed as a soothing or relaxing drink, aimed at promoting sleep or a sense of calm before retiring for the night. Traditionally, a nightcap can include a variety of spirits such as brandy, whiskey, or liqueurs, although non-alcoholic options like herbal tea or warm milk are also considered as nightcaps. The concept of a nightcap extends beyond the drink itself and can include other activities or rituals performed before bed to aid in relaxation, such as reading a book, listening to soft music, or engaging in meditation. The term "nightcap" also metaphorically refers to a cap or hat worn to bed, which helps keep the head warm during sleep.

Example sentences containing nightcap

1. She enjoyed sipping a warm cup of tea as her nightly nightcap.
2. He poured himself a small glass of whiskey as a soothing nightcap.
3. The couple shared a romantic moment, clinking their glasses for a nightcap.
4. The bartender prepared a delicious cocktail to serve as a delightful nightcap.
5. She wrapped herself in a cozy blanket while savoring her nightly nightcap.
6. The nightcap helped him relax after a long and stressful day.

History and etymology of nightcap

The noun 'nightcap,' referring to a beverage, often alcoholic, consumed before going to bed or as a way to wind down in the evening, has an interesting etymology. Its origin can be traced back to the combination of two words. The first part, 'night,' is quite straightforward, indicating the time of day when one typically enjoys a nightcap. The second part, 'cap,' is more intriguing. In this context, 'cap' refers to a small, final drink that serves as a sort of 'finishing touch' to one's evening. This notion of a concluding drink or a soothing sip before retiring for the night gives us the term 'nightcap,' which has been used for centuries to describe this comforting bedtime ritual.

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Further usage examples of nightcap

1. They sat by the fireplace, enjoying their nightcaps and sharing stories.
2. The soothing music played softly in the background as she enjoyed her nightcap.
3. He savored the taste of the rich, velvety chocolate liqueur in his nightcap.
4. The nightcap provided a comforting end to the evening routine before bed.
5. The nightcap ritual became an essential part of their nightly wind-down routine.
6. She sipped her soothing nightcap, a warm, spiced whiskey, by the fireplace.
7. A velvety nightcap of red wine eased her into a peaceful slumber.
8. He poured a nightcap of brandy to celebrate their successful day.
9. A hot, milky nightcap of chamomile tea helped her relax before bed.
10. They enjoyed a nightcap of cocktails under the starry sky.
11. A nightcap of mulled cider warmed him on the chilly evening.
12. The nightcap of choice at the tavern was a frothy stout beer.
13. She prepared a special nightcap of homemade Irish cream liqueur.
14. A nightcap of port wine added elegance to their evening routine.
15. He craved a nightcap of cognac after a long, tiring day.
16. The cozy inn offered a complimentary nightcap of sherry.
17. A nightcap of hot chocolate with a dash of peppermint was delightful.
18. Their tradition was to share a nightcap of sparkling champagne.
19. A nightcap of aged scotch was his way to unwind after work.
20. The nightcap of choice in the ski lodge was a hot toddy.
21. She enjoyed a nightcap of sangria on the balcony, watching the sunset.
22. A nightcap of mulled wine filled the room with a fragrant aroma.
23. He offered her a nightcap of fine rum, served with a twist of lime.
24. A nightcap of gin and tonic was her go-to drink before bed.
25. They clinked glasses for a nightcap of sparkling water, toasting to friendship.



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