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How to pronounce obliged (audio)


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Dictionary definition of obliged

Morally or legally bound to do something or to fulfill a responsibility or duty.
"He felt obliged to return the favor after his friend helped him move."

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Detailed meaning of obliged

When someone is obliged, they are compelled or required to act in a particular way due to an external force or obligation. This obligation can arise from various sources such as social norms, expectations, contracts, or moral principles. Being obliged implies a sense of duty or indebtedness towards others, often driven by a moral or ethical imperative. It suggests that one feels a strong sense of responsibility or obligation to fulfill an action or meet a certain requirement. The term "obliged" conveys a sense of compulsion rather than voluntary choice, indicating that one has little or no option but to fulfill the obligation at hand.

Example sentences containing obliged

1. I'm obliged to attend the meeting as the team leader.
2. She felt obliged to return the favor with a kind gesture.
3. They were obliged by law to wear seat belts in the car.
4. We are morally obliged to help those less fortunate.
5. He felt obliged to apologize for his rude behavior.
6. The contract obliged them to complete the project on time.

History and etymology of obliged

The adjective 'obliged' is closely linked to the verb 'oblige' and shares its etymological roots. Both are derived from the Latin word 'obligare,' formed by combining 'ob,' meaning 'toward' or 'in the direction of,' and 'ligare,' meaning 'to bind' or 'to tie.' Therefore, the etymology of 'obliged' conveys the idea of being bound or tied in the direction of fulfilling a responsibility or duty, whether it is a moral or legal obligation. When someone is described as 'obliged,' it indicates that they are under a moral or legal necessity to perform a specific action or fulfill a particular duty, reflecting the concept of being bound by a sense of commitment or responsibility, as rooted in its Latin origins.

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Further usage examples of obliged

1. As a citizen, you are obliged to pay your taxes annually.
2. I'm obliged to report any suspicious activity to the authorities.
3. In a crisis, people often feel obliged to help one another.
4. The rules of the competition obliged fair and honest play.
5. She was obliged to follow her doctor's strict dietary advice.
6. As a parent, I'm obliged to provide for my children's needs.
7. The oath of office obliged him to uphold the constitution.
8. The code of conduct obliged employees to maintain confidentiality.
9. Personal ethics obliged him to speak out against injustice.
10. The law obliged them to register their business with the state.
11. They were obliged to attend the annual shareholders' meeting.
12. I'm obliged to submit this report by the end of the day.
13. The terms of the lease obliged timely rent payments.
14. As a host, she felt obliged to make her guests feel welcome.
15. I am obliged to attend the meeting as it is mandatory for all employees.
16. He felt obliged to help his elderly neighbor carry the groceries.
17. We are obliged to follow the rules and regulations of the organization.
18. She was obliged to apologize for her mistake.
19. They were obliged to pay the fine for violating the traffic laws.
20. The company is obliged to provide a safe working environment for its employees.
21. We are obliged to respect the privacy of others.
22. She felt obliged to donate to the charity as it was a cause close to her heart.
23. He was obliged to submit the report before the deadline.
24. We are obliged to inform you about the changes in the schedule.
25. They were obliged to attend the training session to enhance their skills.



required, unobligated, unbound, free


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