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How to pronounce obsessive (audio)


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Dictionary definition of obsessive

Overly preoccupied or fixated on a particular subject, idea, or activity.
"Her obsessive focus on her appearance led to an unhealthy relationship with food and exercise."

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Detailed meaning of obsessive

When describing a person, it suggests an intense and persistent focus or attachment that goes beyond normal interest or enthusiasm. An obsessive individual tends to have recurring thoughts, impulses, or desires that dominate their thinking and behavior. This can manifest as an extreme attention to detail, an excessive drive for perfection, or an inability to let go of certain thoughts or emotions. The term 'obsessive' often implies a negative connotation, as it suggests an unhealthy level of attachment or an inability to maintain a balanced perspective. However, in certain contexts, such as creative pursuits or problem-solving, an obsessive approach can also lead to exceptional dedication, innovation, and expertise.

Example sentences containing obsessive

1. She had an obsessive need to keep everything organized and in its proper place.
2. The detective had an obsessive determination to solve the mysterious case.
3. He developed an obsessive interest in astronomy and spent countless hours studying the stars.
4. The artist had an obsessive attention to detail, ensuring every brushstroke was perfect.
5. He had an obsessive fear of germs and constantly washed his hands.
6. The writer had an obsessive need to revise every sentence until it was flawless.

History and etymology of obsessive

The adjective 'obsessive' shares its etymological roots with 'obsessed' and is derived from the Latin word 'obsessivus,' which is related to 'obsidere.' 'Obsessivus' is formed from 'ob,' meaning 'against' or 'towards,' and 'sedere,' meaning 'to sit' or 'to besiege.' Consequently, the etymology of 'obsessive' conveys the idea of being preoccupied or fixated to the point of feeling figuratively besieged by a particular subject, idea, or activity. When someone is described as 'obsessive,' it indicates an excessive and often irrational focus on a specific topic, idea, or behavior, to the detriment of other aspects of life. This term emphasizes the overwhelming and all-consuming nature of such fixations and reflects its Latin origins in the concept of being besieged or captivated by a singular preoccupation.

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Further usage examples of obsessive

1. Her obsessive thoughts about her performance caused extreme anxiety before every audition.
2. The scientist's obsessive pursuit of knowledge led to groundbreaking discoveries.
3. He became obsessive about tracking his daily steps and refused to go anywhere without his fitness tracker.
4. The gamer had an obsessive dedication to achieving high scores and spent hours practicing.
5. Her obsessive love for her favorite band led her to attend every concert and collect all their merchandise.
6. The entrepreneur had an obsessive drive to succeed and worked tirelessly to achieve his goals.
7. His obsessive behavior in relationships often pushed people away.
8. The student had an obsessive need to get straight A's and would go to great lengths to achieve academic perfection.
9. His obsessive attention to detail led to a flawless design.
10. Her obsessive pursuit of perfection can be exhausting.
11. The detective had an obsessive drive to solve the case.
12. His obsessive personality made him a dedicated scientist.
13. She had an obsessive need to control every aspect of her life.
14. The artist's work revealed an obsessive devotion to his craft.
15. His obsessive cleaning habits kept his house spotless.
16. The athlete's training routine bordered on obsessive.
17. Her obsessive interest in true crime stories was well-known.
18. The writer's obsessive research resulted in a richly detailed novel.
19. His obsessive focus on success drove him to work long hours.
20. The chef's obsessive experimentation led to unique flavors.
21. Her obsessive love for animals filled her home with pets.
22. The teacher's obsessive organization made the classroom efficient.
23. His obsessive drive to learn new skills impressed everyone.
24. She had an obsessive desire for adventure and exploration.
25. The programmer's attention to code was obsessive but effective.
26. His obsessive hobby of collecting stamps filled many albums.
27. Her obsessive dedication to charity work improved lives.
28. The gardener's obsessive care created a beautiful landscape.



fixated, casual, indifferent, nonchalant


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