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How to pronounce fanatic (audio)

Dictionary definition of fanatic

An individual who exhibits excessive and extreme enthusiasm, devotion, or zeal towards a particular belief, cause, or ideology.
"The football fanatic painted his entire body in his team's colors for the championship match."

Detailed meaning of fanatic

Fanatics are characterized by their unwavering and often irrational dedication, which can lead them to prioritize their beliefs above all else, including reason, evidence, or the well-being of others. They tend to be highly passionate and deeply committed to their chosen cause, often advocating for it vigorously and without compromise. Fanaticism can manifest in various domains, including religion, politics, sports, or even entertainment. While some individuals may view fanatics as dedicated and committed individuals, there is a fine line between passionate advocacy and fanatical behavior. Fanatics can become intolerant, closed-minded, and willing to resort to extreme measures to advance their agenda or suppress dissenting views. Their fervor often blurs the line between healthy enthusiasm and dangerous obsession, sometimes leading to social division, conflict, or acts of violence.

Example sentences containing fanatic

1. The religious fanatic preached on the street corner, trying to convert passersby to his beliefs.
2. She was a fashion fanatic, always keeping up with the latest trends and spending hours shopping.
3. The political fanatic campaigned tirelessly for his preferred candidate, attending every rally and volunteering for the campaign.
4. The movie fanatic had a vast collection of DVDs and spent weekends binge-watching films.
5. The environmental fanatic organized protests and actively fought for conservation and sustainability.
6. He was a fitness fanatic, spending hours at the gym and following a strict diet regimen.

History and etymology of fanatic

The noun 'fanatic' has an intriguing etymology rooted in religious fervor. It originated from the Latin word 'fanaticus,' which referred to someone who was inspired or possessed by a god or goddess, often in the context of religious ecstasy or madness. This Latin term was derived from 'fanum,' meaning 'temple' or 'shrine,' highlighting the strong religious connotations of the word. As 'fanaticus' made its way into Middle English, it retained its sense of extreme devotion but shifted from primarily religious contexts to encompass excessive enthusiasm or zeal towards any belief, cause, or ideology. The etymology of 'fanatic' reflects its historical association with religious ecstasy and the concept of being inspired or possessed by a higher power, which has evolved into its modern meaning of extreme enthusiasm or devotion in various aspects of life.

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Further usage examples of fanatic

1. The music fanatic traveled across the country to attend every concert of his favorite band.
2. The tech fanatic eagerly awaited the latest smartphone release, staying up-to-date with all the tech news.
3. The art fanatic visited every art gallery and exhibition in the city, immersing herself in the world of creativity.
4. She was a book fanatic, with shelves overflowing with novels and a constant thirst for literary knowledge.
5. The science fanatic conducted numerous experiments in his basement lab, always seeking to uncover new discoveries.
6. The sports fanatic painted his entire room in team colors.
7. Her uncle was a political fanatic, always debating his views.
8. The music fanatic owned an extensive vinyl record collection.
9. A religious fanatic preached on the street corner every day.
10. The film fanatic had seen every movie in the director's catalog.
11. His fanatic dedication to fitness made him a gym regular.
12. She considered herself a fashion fanatic, always following trends.
13. The tech fanatic camped out for the latest smartphone release.
14. An environmental fanatic led the local conservation efforts.
15. The gaming fanatic spent hours mastering each video game.
16. A food fanatic explored every restaurant in the city.
17. The art fanatic visited museums around the world.
18. His partner was a gardening fanatic with a lush backyard.
19. The political fanatic's yard was filled with campaign signs.
20. A book fanatic had a personal library of thousands of volumes.
21. The history fanatic could recite facts about any era.
22. The anime fanatic cosplayed at every convention.
23. A travel fanatic documented their adventures with photos.
24. The science fanatic conducted experiments in their garage.
25. The astronomy fanatic owned a high-powered telescope.



zealot, moderate, indifferent, apathetic


Ambition and Drive, Obligation and Allegiance, Competition and Rivalry, Devotion and Discipline, Passion and Pulchritude, Beliefs and Principles

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