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work, inactivity, idleness, non-production


Imagination and Ingenuity, Devotion and Discipline, Innovation and Inception, Acumen and Insight, Achievement and Excellence, Art and Creativity



How to pronounce oeuvre (audio)


Dictionary definition of oeuvre

The complete body of work created by a particular artist, author, composer, or creative individual.
"The museum showcased the artist's oeuvre from different periods of his life."

Detailed meaning of oeuvre

It encompasses all the works, compositions, or productions produced by that person throughout their career or lifetime. The term "oeuvre" is often used in the context of discussing and analyzing an artist's or creator's body of work as a whole, offering insights into their style, themes, and evolution over time. It's a comprehensive way to reference and appreciate the entirety of an artist's contributions to their respective field, whether it's a writer's oeuvre of novels, a filmmaker's oeuvre of movies, or a musician's oeuvre of compositions. "Oeuvre" underscores the idea of a complete and cohesive body of work that reflects an individual's creative output and artistic identity.

Example sentences containing oeuvre

1. The art gallery featured a diverse selection of the artist's oeuvre spanning several decades.
2. The composer's oeuvre includes symphonies, operas, and chamber music.
3. The author's literary oeuvre reflects a wide range of genres and themes.
4. The filmmaker's oeuvre explores themes of identity and belonging in a changing world.
5. The retrospective exhibition celebrated the photographer's lifetime oeuvre of striking images.
6. The poet's oeuvre is characterized by its exploration of nature and the human experience.

History and etymology of oeuvre

The noun 'oeuvre' is borrowed directly from the French language, where it means 'work' or 'labour.' Its etymological origins can be traced back to the Latin word 'opera,' which has a similar meaning. In English, 'oeuvre' refers to the complete body of work created by a particular artist, author, composer, or creative individual. It encompasses all of their creations and contributions within their chosen field, reflecting the entirety of their artistic or creative output. The use of 'oeuvre' adds a touch of sophistication and artistry when discussing an artist's or creator's body of work, emphasizing the collective nature of their artistic endeavors and the depth of their creative contributions.

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Further usage examples of oeuvre

1. Scholars analyze the playwright's oeuvre to better understand his unique narrative style.
2. The architect's oeuvre consists of iconic buildings that have left a lasting impact on the city's skyline.
3. The director's film oeuvre encompasses both mainstream blockbusters and independent gems.
4. The scientist's oeuvre includes groundbreaking research papers that revolutionized their field.
5. The designer's fashion oeuvre spans couture collections, ready-to-wear lines, and accessories.
6. The composer's oeuvre evolved from traditional compositions to experimental electronic music.
7. The poet's oeuvre reflects the societal changes and political struggles of their era.
8. The author's oeuvre explores the complexities of human relationships and emotions.
9. The photographer's oeuvre captures the essence of diverse cultures from around the world.
10. The artist's oeuvre reflects a journey of self-discovery and artistic exploration.
11. Critics often debate the significance of certain works in the painter's oeuvre.
12. The playwright's oeuvre includes thought-provoking dramas and light-hearted comedies.
13. The sculptor's oeuvre spans different mediums, from marble to bronze and clay.
14. The musician's diverse oeuvre ranges from classical compositions to modern experimental soundscapes.

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