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coordinate, disrupt, disorganize, confuse


Synchronization and Strategize, Tactical Maneuvers and Control, Organization and Coordination



How to pronounce orchestrate (audio)


Dictionary definition of orchestrate

To plan, organize, and direct the elements of a complex activity or event, in order to achieve a desired outcome or effect.
"The hacker tried to orchestrate a cyber attack on the company's website."

Detailed meaning of orchestrate

The word comes from the Latin word "orchestra" which refers to the area in ancient Greek theaters where musicians and singers performed, and the verb "orchestrari" which means to direct or conduct. In everyday use, "orchestrate" is often used to describe the act of planning, organizing, and directing various elements in order to achieve a desired outcome, such as orchestrating a campaign, orchestrating a concert, or orchestrating a business deal. In literature, it can be used to describe the act of planning, organizing and directing various elements of a story or a narrative, in order to create a certain effect or achieve a desired outcome, as in orchestrating a plot twist or orchestrating a climax. Additionally, it can be used in the context of music, where the term orchestrate refers to the act of arranging or adapting a musical composition for an orchestra, by assigning different parts to different instruments.

Example sentences containing orchestrate

1. The conductor will orchestrate the symphony performance.
2. She will orchestrate the marketing campaign for the product.
3. The coach will orchestrate the team's defense strategy.
4. They plan to orchestrate a surprise party for her birthday.
5. The chef will orchestrate a culinary masterpiece tonight.
6. The director will orchestrate the blockbuster movie's scenes.

History and etymology of orchestrate

The word 'orchestrate' derives its etymology from the world of music and, more specifically, from the noun 'orchestra.' The term 'orchestra' has its roots in Ancient Greek, where 'orcheisthai' meant to dance. Over time, in the context of music, 'orchestra' came to refer to the section in a theater where musicians and dancers performed. In the 18th and 19th centuries, as orchestras became more complex and their performances required meticulous planning and organization, the verb 'orchestrate' emerged to describe the act of arranging and directing various musical instruments to create a harmonious composition. Eventually, this concept of planning and coordinating elements to achieve a desired outcome extended beyond music to encompass a wide range of complex activities and events, giving rise to the modern usage of 'orchestrate' in the context of planning and organizing any intricate endeavor for a specific purpose or effect.

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Further usage examples of orchestrate

1. The CEO will orchestrate the company's expansion plans.
2. He will orchestrate negotiations between the two parties.
3. She can orchestrate a flawless event from start to finish.
4. The diplomat will orchestrate peace talks between nations.
5. They aim to orchestrate a successful product launch.
6. The choreographer will orchestrate the dance performance.
7. The architect will orchestrate the building's design.
8. He will orchestrate the rescue mission in the wilderness.
9. The scientist will orchestrate the experiment's parameters.
10. She will orchestrate the charity fundraiser next month.
11. The manager will orchestrate the team's game strategy.
12. The designer will orchestrate the fashion show's details.
13. They'll orchestrate the conference with expert precision.
14. He will orchestrate the legal defense for the accused.
15. The conductor will orchestrate the symphony performance tonight.
16. The project manager will orchestrate the team's efforts to meet the deadline.
17. The coach must orchestrate the team's defense to prevent the opposing team from scoring.
18. The event planner will orchestrate the details of the wedding ceremony and reception.
19. The choreographer will orchestrate the dance routines for the upcoming musical.
20. The CEO must orchestrate the company's expansion into new markets.
21. The director will orchestrate the action sequences in the upcoming blockbuster film.
22. The diplomat will orchestrate peace talks between the two warring nations.
23. The composer will orchestrate the music for the new video game.
24. The teacher will orchestrate the class discussion on the assigned reading.
25. The fashion designer will orchestrate the runway show for their latest collection.

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