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Definition of 'originally'

Referring to the way something was done, thought, or intended at the beginning or inception of a particular situation or process.
"She had originally intended to stay for a week, but ended up extending her trip."

Detailed Meaning of 'originally'

It indicates the original or initial state, condition, or intention of an action, idea, or plan. "Originally" often implies a contrast between the past or original state and the current or modified state. It can also convey a sense of authenticity, indicating that something was true or accurate from the outset. Additionally, "originally" can suggest the historical or cultural origins of a concept, practice, or tradition. It is commonly used to discuss the initial ideas, intentions, or circumstances related to a given topic. Overall, the adverb "originally" provides insight into the original state, intent, or background of something, emphasizing its initial or historical significance.


Examples of 'originally' in a Sentence

1. He had originally planned to go to medical school, but later decided to pursue a career in journalism.
2. The book was originally published in 1950 and has since become a classic.
3. The band originally formed in the early 1990s and quickly gained a following.
4. The building was originally designed as a church and later converted into a museum.
5. The recipe originally called for butter, but she substituted it with coconut oil.
6. They had originally scheduled the meeting for Monday, but had to reschedule it for Tuesday.

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Origins & Etymology of 'originally'

The adverb 'originally' derives its etymology from the Latin word 'originem,' which means 'beginning' or 'source,' originating from 'oriri,' signifying 'to rise' or 'to spring forth.' This etymological journey reflects the essence of 'originally' as it pertains to the way something was done, thought, or intended at the beginning or inception of a particular situation or process. Just as its Latin roots suggest the idea of something rising or springing forth, 'originally' emphasizes the concept of tracing actions, thoughts, or intentions back to their initial state, highlighting the starting point or original condition. This adverb encapsulates its historical connection to the notion of beginnings and sources, making its etymology an apt reflection of its meaning in modern language.


How to pronounce originally (audio)


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