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Definition of 'initially'

Referring to the starting point or the earliest stage of a process, event, or situation.
"She was initially hesitant to join the club, but eventually became an active member."

Detailed Meaning of 'initially'

It describes an action, state, or condition that occurs at the beginning or in the initial phase of something. When used to modify a verb or an adjective, "initially" indicates the primary or preliminary nature of the action or characteristic being described. It implies that subsequent changes, developments, or adjustments may occur over time. "Initially" is often employed to highlight the initial expectations, reactions, or conditions that may evolve or transform as a situation progresses. It serves as an adverbial marker of temporal sequence, conveying the concept of an early or initial state, action, or circumstance that sets the stage for what follows.


Examples of 'initially' in a Sentence

1. Initially, I had reservations about the idea, but it grew on me over time.
2. The experiment initially showed promising results, but further analysis was needed.
3. Initially, the company struggled to gain traction in the market, but it eventually became a major player.
4. The new employee initially felt overwhelmed, but quickly adapted to the fast-paced environment.
5. Initially, he seemed disinterested, but as the conversation progressed, he became more engaged.
6. The project initially faced delays, but with additional resources, it was completed ahead of schedule.

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Origins & Etymology of 'initially'

The adverb 'initially' finds its roots in the Latin word 'initialis,' which is derived from 'initium,' meaning 'beginning' or 'start.' In Latin, 'initium' was used to denote the commencement of something, and 'initialis' evolved to describe actions or events occurring at the outset. Over time, as the English language developed, 'initially' emerged as an adverb to convey the concept of something happening at the beginning or earliest stage of a process, event, or situation. Its etymology reflects its fundamental role in indicating the initial point in various contexts.


How to pronounce initially (audio)


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