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How to pronounce ornithology (audio)

Dictionary definition of ornithology

The scientific study of birds, encompassing a wide range of research areas related to avian biology, behavior, ecology, physiology, and taxonomy.
"The ornithology club organized a field trip to observe local bird species."

Detailed meaning of ornithology

Ornithologists, the scientists who specialize in ornithology, study various aspects of bird life, including their evolutionary history, migration patterns, breeding habits, vocalizations, and adaptations to different environments. They often conduct fieldwork, observing birds in their natural habitats, and may use advanced techniques such as bird banding, DNA analysis, and telemetry to gain insights into avian behavior and populations. Ornithology is not only vital for understanding the fascinating diversity of bird species but also plays a crucial role in conservation efforts to protect and preserve these creatures and their habitats. Overall, ornithology contributes to our knowledge of birds' role in ecosystems, their importance in biodiversity, and their significance in the broader context of the natural world.

Example sentences containing ornithology

1. Ornithology is the scientific study of birds and their behavior.
2. The ornithology research team is studying the impact of habitat loss on bird populations.
3. She pursued a career in ornithology to better understand avian migrations.
4. The ornithology conference attracted bird enthusiasts from around the world.
5. His extensive collection of bird specimens contributed to ornithology research.
6. The professor's groundbreaking discoveries in ornithology revolutionized the field.

History and etymology of ornithology

The term 'ornithology' has its roots in ancient Greek. It is derived from the Greek words 'ornis,' meaning 'bird,' and 'logia,' which refers to 'the study of' or 'the science of.' The Greeks had a rich tradition of scientific inquiry, and this combination of words encapsulates the essence of the field of ornithology – the systematic and scientific study of birds. The term reflects the longstanding fascination with these feathered creatures and emphasizes the comprehensive nature of the discipline, encompassing a wide array of research areas to better understand the biology, behavior, ecology, physiology, and taxonomy of birds.

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Further usage examples of ornithology

1. Ornithology requires patience and keen observation skills.
2. She published a comprehensive book on ornithology, covering various bird families.
3. Ornithology plays a crucial role in conservation efforts for endangered bird species.
4. His passion for ornithology led him to explore remote rainforests in search of rare birds.
5. Online courses offer accessible ways to learn about ornithology and bird identification.
6. Ornithology has uncovered fascinating insights into bird communication and vocalizations.
7. The museum's ornithology exhibit showcased the diversity of beak shapes in birds.
8. She spent hours in the field, documenting bird behaviors for her ornithology project.
9. Ornithology has revealed the incredible feats of migration that many bird species undertake.
10. The study of ornithology can provide valuable insights into ecosystem health.
11. The ornithology community collaborates on global bird monitoring and research initiatives.
12. He received a grant to fund his ornithology expedition to a remote island.
13. Modern technology has enhanced data collection methods in the field of ornithology.
14. Ornithology enthusiasts often gather for bird-watching events to celebrate their shared passion.



bird study, mammalogy, ichthyology, herpetology


GRE 8 (Graduate Record Examination), Biology and Nature, Curiosity and Inquiry, Discovery and Exploration, Wildlife and Environment

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