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How to pronounce lackluster (audio)

Dictionary definition of lackluster

Dull, uninspiring, or lacking in vitality or brilliance.
"The team's lackluster performance resulted in a disappointing loss."

Detailed meaning of lackluster

It denotes a lack of enthusiasm, energy, or effectiveness in a particular context. When applied to objects, events, performances, or experiences, it suggests a noticeable absence of sparkle, excitement, or outstanding qualities. A lackluster performance, for example, refers to a show or presentation that fails to captivate or impress the audience, leaving them unenthusiastic or underwhelmed. Similarly, a lackluster product implies a disappointing or unremarkable item that fails to meet expectations or lacks the desired level of quality or innovation. Overall, the term "lackluster" conveys a sense of mediocrity or a general feeling of unimpressiveness in relation to the subject being described.

Example sentences containing lackluster

1. The lackluster performance of the team disappointed their fans.
2. The movie received lackluster reviews from critics.
3. Despite the hype, the concert turned out to be lackluster.
4. The student's lackluster effort resulted in a low grade.
5. The sales of the new product were lackluster compared to expectations.
6. The company's lackluster earnings report caused its stock price to plummet.

History and etymology of lackluster

The adjective 'lackluster' derives its etymological roots from the combination of two words: 'lack' and 'luster.' 'Lack' as we discussed earlier, originates from Middle English and Old English, signifying a deficiency or shortage. 'Luster,' on the other hand, can be traced back to the Latin word 'lustrare,' meaning 'to illuminate' or 'to make bright.' Over time, 'luster' evolved to represent brilliance or brightness. Therefore, when we describe something as 'lackluster,' we are essentially conveying the idea that it lacks the brightness, vitality, or brilliance that is expected or desired. This adjective aptly captures the concept of dullness, uninspiration, or a lack of sparkle in various contexts, from performances to appearances.

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Further usage examples of lackluster

1. The play had a lackluster script and failed to captivate the audience.
2. The team's lackluster defense cost them the game.
3. The restaurant's lackluster service left a lot to be desired.
4. The singer's lackluster performance failed to impress the judges.
5. The lackluster paint job on the car made it look dull and unappealing.
6. The candidate's lackluster campaign failed to gain much support.
7. The weather during our vacation was lackluster, with constant rain and cloudy skies.
8. The lackluster design of the website made it difficult to navigate.
9. Her lackluster presentation left the audience uninterested and disengaged.
10. The party was a lackluster affair, with minimal decorations and a subdued atmosphere.
11. The restaurant received lackluster reviews due to its mediocre food and service.
12. The company's lackluster sales figures reflected a decline in customer interest.
13. His lackluster outfit failed to make a good impression at the important meeting.
14. The book's lackluster ending left readers feeling unsatisfied and let down.
15. The lackluster response to the event prompted organizers to rethink their approach.
16. The artist's latest album received lackluster reception from critics and fans alike.
17. The actor's lackluster performance on stage was met with disappointment from the audience.
18. The team's lackluster effort during practice led to a subpar performance in the game.



uninspired, vibrant, dynamic, exciting


Challenges and Distress, Gloom and Unpleasantness, Middle School 15, Dull and Uninteresting

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