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How to pronounce pander (audio)


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Dictionary definition of pander

To cater to someone's desires, interests, or prejudices in an excessive or inappropriate way in order to gain their favor or support.
"The band's latest album was said to pander to the current pop trends."


Detailed meaning of pander

It can also refer to someone who acts as a go-between in illegal or immoral activities, such as a procurer of prostitutes or a facilitator of illegal drug transactions. In politics, a candidate or political figure may be accused of pandering to certain groups or demographics for votes or support. In media, a publication or program may be accused of pandering to sensationalism or lowest common denominator tastes. In general, pandering is often viewed negatively as it implies a lack of integrity or principle, and a willingness to compromise one's values for personal gain.

Example sentences containing pander

1. He refused to pander to the demands of the corrupt officials.
2. The politician decided to pander to the extreme views of his supporters.
3. She vowed not to pander to the unrealistic expectations of her clients.
4. The artist refused to pander to popular trends and stuck to his unique style.
5. The magazine chose to pander to sensationalism rather than reporting the truth.
6. The coach made it clear that he would not pander to any player's ego.

History and etymology of pander

The verb 'pander' has an intriguing etymological history that can be traced back to the character Pandarus in Greek mythology. Pandarus was a figure in the ancient tale of Troilus and Cressida, known for his role in facilitating the romantic relationship between Troilus and Cressida. Over time, the term 'pander' evolved from the name Pandarus to describe someone who acted as an intermediary or go-between in amorous affairs. Eventually, it took on a more negative connotation, shifting to refer to those who catered to others' base desires or interests in an excessive or inappropriate manner. This etymological journey from a mythological character to a term associated with excessive and often unsavory catering reflects the transformation of the word 'pander' into its modern usage, denoting the act of gratifying someone's desires, often to gain favor or support through questionable means.

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Further usage examples of pander

1. The director refused to pander to the studio's demands for a watered-down script.
2. The journalist was criticized for attempting to pander to a specific political agenda.
3. The company decided to pander to the desires of the affluent market segment.
4. The author refused to pander to critics and stayed true to his artistic vision.
5. The candidate promised not to pander to special interest groups if elected.
6. The company's marketing strategy aimed to pander to the desires of young consumers.
7. The filmmaker chose to pander to the demands of the studio to secure funding for his project.
8. The restaurant decided to pander to the preferences of health-conscious customers by adding more vegetarian options to the menu.
9. The fashion designer refused to pander to societal beauty standards and embraced diversity in her runway shows.
10. He tends to pander to the audience's lowest instincts for applause.
11. The politician was accused of pandering to special interest groups.
12. The tabloid news often panders to sensationalism for higher ratings.
13. She refused to pander to his ego-driven demands.
14. The company decided not to pander to the latest fads.
15. The celebrity's social media posts seemed to pander to controversy.
16. The director resisted the urge to pander to Hollywood clichés.
17. He criticized the author for pandering to popular trends in literature.
18. The coach wouldn't pander to the star player's demands.
19. The artist refused to pander to commercial trends in her work.
20. The comedian didn't want to pander to cheap humor for laughs.
21. The teacher wouldn't pander to the disruptive student's antics.
22. The journalist was accused of pandering to sensationalism for clicks.
23. She chose authenticity over pandering to gain popularity.



cater, oppose, disregard, ignore


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