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How to pronounce penal (audio)

Dictionary definition of penal

Relating to or associated with punishment, especially within the context of legal and judicial systems.
"He was transferred to a penal colony outside the city."

Detailed meaning of penal

When something is referred to as penal, it typically pertains to actions, measures, or institutions designed to enforce consequences or penalties for individuals who have committed crimes or violated rules and regulations. Penal systems include prisons, probation, and parole, all of which are aimed at maintaining order in society and addressing criminal behavior. Additionally, "penal" can describe laws, codes, or statutes that specify the consequences or punishments for various offenses, reflecting the legal aspect of enforcing penalties and maintaining social order.

Example sentences containing penal

1. The penal code outlines the legal consequences for various crimes.
2. He was sentenced to penal servitude for his involvement in the robbery.
3. The penal system aims to rehabilitate offenders and reduce recidivism.
4. The penal institution was designed to provide secure and controlled environments for inmates.
5. The judge imposed a penal sentence to ensure justice was served.
6. The penal colony was established on an isolated island for the confinement of convicts.

History and etymology of penal

The adjective 'penal' finds its etymological roots in Latin. It derives from the Latin word 'poenalis,' which is linked to 'poena,' meaning 'punishment' or 'penalty.' In Roman law, 'poenalis' was used to describe laws and regulations pertaining to punishment and penalties for various offenses. Over time, as Latin evolved into Romance languages and influenced English, 'penal' retained its association with matters related to punishment, particularly within the framework of legal and judicial systems. Therefore, when we use the term 'penal' today, it signifies anything connected to punishment, especially in a legal context where consequences for transgressions are determined and imposed.

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Further usage examples of penal

1. The penal laws were enacted to maintain social order and deter criminal behavior.
2. The penal code defines the range of punishments for different offenses.
3. She studied criminology to understand the intricacies of the penal system.
4. The penal reform movement sought to address issues of overcrowding and inhumane conditions.
5. The penal institution implemented educational programs to promote skill development among inmates.
6. The penal code underwent revision to reflect changing societal norms.
7. The penal system faces challenges in providing effective rehabilitation programs.
8. The penal colony served as a deterrent for potential criminals.
9. The penal sentence included both imprisonment and community service.
10. The penal facility was equipped with state-of-the-art security measures.
11. The penal laws vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.
12. The penal system underwent significant reforms to focus on rehabilitation rather than punishment.
13. The penal consequences for white-collar crimes can be severe.
14. The penal institution provided vocational training programs to aid in inmates' reintegration into society.



disciplinary, rewarding, compensatory, beneficial


Dominance and Dissent, Law and Order, Punishment and Enforcement

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