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How to pronounce perceptible (audio)


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Dictionary definition of perceptible

Capable of being perceived or sensed, either through one's physical senses or by means of awareness and observation.
"The sound of distant laughter was barely perceptible in the quiet night."

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Detailed meaning of perceptible

When something is perceptible, it is detectable or noticeable to a sufficient degree that it can be recognized, experienced, or understood. It implies that there is enough clarity, intensity, or evidence for an observation or sensation to be realized or comprehended. Whether it refers to a visible object, an audible sound, a tactile sensation, or an abstract concept, the adjective 'perceptible' suggests that the entity or phenomenon in question is within the range or reach of perception. While the degree of perceptibility may vary, the term conveys the idea that something is present or evident enough to be noticed, observed, or appreciated by an individual or a group.

Example sentences containing perceptible

1. There was a perceptible shift in the atmosphere as the storm approached.
2. The faint scent of roses became perceptible as I entered the garden.
3. A perceptible smile crossed her face when she heard the good news.
4. The artist made subtle changes to the painting, creating a perceptible difference in the overall composition.
5. The tension in the room was so thick it was almost perceptible.
6. As the temperature dropped, a perceptible chill settled in the air.

History and etymology of perceptible

The adjective 'perceptible' owes its etymological roots to Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'perceptibilis,' which is formed from the verb 'percipere,' meaning 'to perceive' or 'to apprehend.' 'Perceptibilis' signifies something that can be perceived or sensed, and it emphasizes the quality of being capable of being apprehended through one's physical senses or through awareness and observation. As the term made its way into English, 'perceptible' emerged to describe anything that is tangible, noticeable, or discernible, emphasizing its capacity to be perceived by human faculties. The etymology of 'perceptible' thus underscores its connection to the act of perceiving and the ability to sense or observe things in the world around us.

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Further usage examples of perceptible

1. A perceptible sense of relief washed over the crowd when the rescue team arrived.
2. The gradual fading of daylight was perceptible as the sun dipped below the horizon.
3. With each step, the hiker's fatigue became more perceptible.
4. The patient's slight movement was perceptible to the attentive nurse.
5. The taste of salt was perceptible on the breeze near the ocean.
6. The changes in her demeanor were barely perceptible.
7. There was a perceptible drop in temperature as night fell.
8. His improvement in skills was perceptible to everyone.
9. The scent of flowers became perceptible as they approached.
10. The subtle shift in tone was barely perceptible at first.
11. The damage to the car was immediately perceptible.
12. There's a perceptible change in the atmosphere before a storm.
13. The influence of her mentor was perceptible in her work.
14. The tension in the room was palpable and perceptible.
15. Over time, the effects of aging become more perceptible.
16. The impact of the earthquake was barely perceptible at first.
17. The shift in public opinion was perceptible in the polls.
18. The artist aimed to make emotions perceptible in her art.
19. The improvement in her health was perceptible in her energy.
20. There was a perceptible sense of excitement in the air.
21. The difference in taste was barely perceptible to most.
22. The perceptible buzz of anticipation filled the room.
23. The perceptible hum of the city was a constant background noise.
24. As the sun set, the colors in the sky became perceptible.
25. The perceptible tension in their relationship was undeniable.



noticeable, imperceptible, hidden, invisible


Suffix -ible, SAT 15 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Consciousness and Awareness, Sensory and Perception

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