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How to pronounce peril (audio)

Dictionary definition of peril

A situation or condition that is characterized by danger, risk, or potential harm.
"The ship was in peril when it encountered a violent storm at sea."

Detailed meaning of peril

Peril can be caused by a variety of factors, including natural disasters, accidents, violence, or other threats to personal safety or security. The term is often used in the context of insurance, where it refers to events or circumstances that may lead to financial loss or liability. Overall, the noun 'peril' connotes a sense of imminent danger or risk, and is used to describe situations that require caution, preparation, or intervention to mitigate or avoid harm.

Example sentences containing peril

1. The hiker was in peril when he got lost in the wilderness.
2. The driver was unaware of the peril of texting while driving.
3. The storm caused perilous conditions for boaters on the lake.
4. The soldier was trained to handle perilous situations in combat.
5. The climber was well-equipped to face the perils of scaling a mountain.
6. The city was evacuated due to the peril of a potential flood.

History and etymology of peril

The noun 'peril' has its etymological roots in Old French and Latin. It can be traced back to the Old French word 'peril,' which meant 'danger' or 'risk.' This Old French term, in turn, derived from the Latin 'periculum,' which signified a trial, test, or experiment, particularly one that involved risk or danger. The word 'periculum' itself is thought to have connections to the Latin verb 'experiri,' meaning 'to try' or 'to test.' Over time, as the concept of danger and risk became central in both Old French and Latin, 'peril' emerged in Middle English to describe a situation or condition characterized by danger, risk, or potential harm. The etymology of 'peril' reflects its historical association with the notion of undertaking something risky or facing potential harm, highlighting the inherent dangers that humans have long recognized and sought to navigate in their lives.

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Further usage examples of peril

1. The doctor warned the patient of the peril of not following their treatment plan.
2. The detective put himself in peril to solve the crime.
3. The police officer was in peril when a suspect pulled out a weapon.
4. The firefighter bravely entered the burning building, despite the peril to his own safety.
5. Navigating the treacherous waters, they faced constant peril.
6. The hikers were unaware of the peril lurking in the woods.
7. Her courage in the face of peril inspired everyone.
8. The detective uncovered a web of perilous secrets.
9. The mountain climber's bravery saved him from peril.
10. The storm put the ship and its crew in grave peril.
11. The superhero always swoops in to rescue people from peril.
12. The expedition was filled with unexpected perils.
13. Their survival skills helped them endure the desert's perils.
14. The spy mission was fraught with peril at every turn.
15. The tightrope walker faced the peril of a high-wire fall.
16. The jungle teemed with hidden perils and unknown creatures.
17. He took risks without considering the peril involved.
18. The dark alley held unknown perils after nightfall.
19. The ancient tomb was rumored to be full of peril.
20. The explorer was undeterred by the perils of the Arctic.
21. The city streets were a peril to pedestrians at rush hour.
22. The daredevil stunt was fraught with perilous consequences.
23. The pandemic posed a global peril to public health.
24. The volcano's eruption put the entire town in peril.



danger, safety, security, protection


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