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How to pronounce permissible (audio)

Dictionary definition of permissible

Allowed, acceptable, or within the bounds of what is considered acceptable or allowed by rules, laws, or regulations.
"Smoking is not permissible inside the restaurant."

Detailed meaning of permissible

When something is deemed permissible, it means that it is authorized or permitted to occur or exist without violating any established guidelines or restrictions. It suggests that an action, behavior, or decision is within the permissible limits and is considered legally, morally, or ethically acceptable. The concept of permissibility varies depending on the context, such as permissible actions within a specific set of rules or permissible behavior within a particular social or cultural framework. Something being permissible implies that it meets the criteria or conditions for acceptance or approval, often based on established norms, standards, or authorities.

Example sentences containing permissible

1. It is not permissible to park in a handicap spot without a permit.
2. Please ensure your actions are permissible within the company's policies.
3. In some cultures, certain foods are not permissible during religious holidays.
4. Under the law, this behavior is not permissible and can result in fines.
5. Adhering to safety regulations is always permissible in the workplace.
6. The use of cell phones during exams is not permissible in this school.

History and etymology of permissible

The adjective 'permissible' has its etymological roots in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'permissibilis,' which is formed from 'permissus,' the past participle of 'permittere.' 'Permittere' combines 'per,' meaning 'through,' and 'mittere,' meaning 'to let' or 'to send.' Thus, 'permissibilis' originally conveyed the idea of something that can be let through or allowed. As Latin evolved into Old French and later into Middle English, 'permissible' emerged to describe something that is allowed or within the bounds of what is considered acceptable, often in accordance with rules, laws, or regulations. The etymology of 'permissible' underscores its historical connection to the concept of permission and legality, emphasizing the idea that certain actions or behaviors are sanctioned and considered acceptable within a given framework of rules and norms.

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Further usage examples of permissible

1. It's not permissible to smoke in this public building.
2. Only registered users are permissible to access the secure server.
3. Double-check if your actions are permissible before proceeding.
4. Violating copyright laws is not permissible in any form.
5. The court ruled that the evidence was not permissible in the trial.
6. Following ethical guidelines is always permissible in research.
7. The company's dress code clearly states what is permissible attire.
8. In this park, it is not permissible to litter or damage the environment.
9. Entering the restricted area is not permissible without authorization.
10. The terms and conditions outline what is permissible on this website.
11. Respecting personal boundaries is always permissible in social interactions.
12. When in doubt, consult the rulebook to determine what's permissible.
13. The law enforcement officer clarified what actions were permissible.
14. The coach emphasized that fair play is always permissible in sports.
15. It is permissible to park in the designated area only.
16. In some countries, it is permissible to drink alcohol at the age of 18.
17. The use of personal electronic devices is not permissible during the exam.
18. It is permissible to bring outside food into the amusement park.
19. The company's policy makes it clear what is permissible conduct in the workplace.
20. It is not permissible to use someone else's credit card without their consent.
21. The rules state that only permissible items can be brought on board the airplane.
22. According to the law, self-defense is permissible under certain circumstances.
23. The school has strict guidelines about what attire is permissible.
24. It is not permissible to disclose confidential information to unauthorized individuals.
25. The terms and conditions outline what actions are permissible on the website.
26. In this game, only legal moves are permissible.
27. It is not permissible to plagiarize someone else's work.
28. The contract specifies the permissible uses of the property.



allowable, forbidden, prohibited, banned


Suffix -ible, Approval and Endorsement, Criminal Justice and Penalties, Rules and Regulations

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