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How to pronounce peruse (audio)

Dictionary definition of peruse

To read or examine something carefully and thoroughly, often with the intent of gaining a deep understanding of its content.
"I like to peruse the newspaper while drinking my morning coffee."

Detailed meaning of peruse

When you peruse a document, book, or text, you do more than just skim through it casually; you engage in a detailed and focused review, paying attention to the finer details, nuances, and possibly even scrutinizing it for information or insights. It suggests a deliberate and attentive approach to reading, suggesting that the material being perused is of particular interest or importance. Whether it's a legal document, a novel, or a research paper, to peruse implies a level of dedication to comprehending the material fully, making it a valuable verb for the act of close and careful examination in various contexts.

Example sentences containing peruse

1. Scholars peruse ancient texts to unlock the secrets of bygone civilizations.
2. He would peruse the newspaper each morning, searching for the latest headlines.
3. Before signing the contract, it's crucial to peruse every clause and detail.
4. Book lovers often peruse bookstores, seeking hidden literary gems.
5. Archaeologists peruse historical artifacts to piece together the past.
6. In libraries, you can peruse a world of knowledge on countless subjects.

History and etymology of peruse

The verb 'peruse' has its etymological origins in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'perusare,' which means 'to examine thoroughly' or 'to go through with care.' In Latin, 'perusare' was used in the context of examining documents or texts meticulously. As the term entered the English language, it retained this sense of careful examination and thorough reading. 'Peruse' signifies the action of reading or examining something attentively and with care, often with the intent of gaining a deep understanding of its content. It emphasizes the notion of thorough scrutiny and detailed study, reflecting its historical connection to the meticulous examination of written materials. Therefore, the etymology of 'peruse' underscores its use as a verb to describe the act of reading or examining something carefully and comprehensively.

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Further usage examples of peruse

1. Legal professionals meticulously peruse case files for critical evidence.
2. Academics peruse scientific journals to stay updated on research developments.
3. Investors peruse financial reports to make informed decisions.
4. Curators carefully peruse artworks to select pieces for exhibitions.
5. Writers peruse thesauruses to find the perfect words for their prose.
6. Please peruse the document before signing it.
7. It's essential to peruse the contract thoroughly to avoid any surprises.
8. Feel free to peruse the bookshelves in my study.
9. We should peruse these research articles to prepare for our presentation.
10. It's always a good idea to peruse the menu before ordering.
11. I enjoy weekends when I can peruse my favorite novels.
12. Let's peruse the archives for any relevant information.
13. Make sure you peruse the report before our meeting tomorrow.
14. Before purchasing, I like to peruse product reviews online.
15. I peruse the weekly grocery store ads for the best deals.
16. Artists often peruse galleries for inspiration and ideas.
17. Peruse the instructions carefully before you start assembling the furniture.
18. Before the exam, students should peruse their notes one last time.
19. I love to peruse the local farmer's market on Saturdays.
20. Please peruse the list of ingredients before cooking the dish.
21. I'm going to peruse the library's collection for a good read.
22. Before we proceed, let's peruse the meeting agenda first.
23. I always peruse the movie descriptions before selecting one to watch.
24. Can you peruse the itinerary and give me your feedback?



study, skim, ignore, glance


Comprehension and Understanding, Curiosity and Inquiry, Education and Mastery

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