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How to pronounce pioneer (audio)


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Dictionary definition of pioneer

An individual or group that plays a fundamental and trailblazing role in initiating new ideas, concepts, technologies, or endeavors in a particular field or area.
"The pioneer of the steam engine, James Watt, revolutionized industrialization."

Detailed meaning of pioneer

Pioneers are often driven by a spirit of innovation, courage, and a willingness to venture into unexplored territory. They are the ones who lead the way, breaking through barriers and setting the foundation for others to follow. Pioneers contribute significantly to the advancement of society by pushing the boundaries of knowledge and practice, opening up possibilities that were previously unseen. Their actions and contributions mark a significant departure from the norm, inspiring others to build upon their achievements and create lasting change. Pioneers are celebrated for their vision, determination, and their lasting impact on the course of progress.

Example sentences containing pioneer

1. Daniel Boone was a famous American pioneer known for exploring the wilderness.
2. The pioneer of modern psychology, Sigmund Freud, had a significant impact on the field.
3. Sacagawea, a Shoshone woman, played a crucial role as a pioneer during the Lewis and Clark expedition.
4. John Deere was a pioneering inventor who revolutionized farming equipment.
5. The automobile pioneer Henry Ford popularized the assembly line production method.
6. The pioneer of the telegraph, Samuel Morse, developed Morse code for long-distance communication.

History and etymology of pioneer

The noun 'pioneer' has its etymological roots in the French word 'pionnier,' which originally referred to a foot soldier or infantryman. This term was derived from the Old French word 'peon,' meaning 'foot soldier' or 'unskilled laborer.' In the context of exploration and settlement, particularly in North America, 'pioneer' took on its more modern meaning to describe individuals or groups who ventured into new and uncharted territories, often at the forefront of westward expansion. These pioneers played a fundamental and trailblazing role in opening up new lands and establishing communities. As society evolved, the term 'pioneer' expanded beyond geographical exploration to signify those who initiated new ideas, concepts, technologies, or endeavors in various fields, carrying the connotation of being at the forefront of innovation and progress. Thus, the word 'pioneer' encapsulates the spirit of trailblazing and laying the groundwork for change and advancement.

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Further usage examples of pioneer

1. Amelia Earhart, a pioneering aviator, became the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic.
2. Louis Pasteur was a pioneer in microbiology and the development of vaccines.
3. Alexander Graham Bell, the telephone pioneer, changed the way we communicate.
4. Thomas Edison, a prolific inventor, was a pioneer in the field of electrical engineering.
5. The aviation pioneer Orville Wright made history with the first powered flight.
6. The textile pioneer Eli Whitney is best known for inventing the cotton gin.
7. Madam C.J. Walker, a pioneering black entrepreneur, founded a successful hair care business.
8. George Washington Carver, a pioneering black scientist, made significant contributions to agricultural research.
9. Robert Fulton, a steamboat pioneer, developed the first commercially successful steam-powered vessel.
10. The pioneer of photography, Louis Daguerre, invented the daguerreotype process.
11. Benjamin Franklin was a pioneering figure in the fields of electricity and meteorology.
12. The aviation pioneer Charles Lindbergh made history with his solo flight across the Atlantic.
13. John Logie Baird, a television pioneer, demonstrated the first working television system.



innovator, follower, imitator, latecomer


Advancement and Improvement, Democracy and Diversity, Fortitude and Rebellion, Mystery and Mastery, Success and Achievement

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