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How to pronounce potential (audio)


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Dictionary definition of potential

The latent qualities, abilities, or aptitudes that an individual or entity possesses, which, if developed or harnessed, may lead to future success.
"The company is looking for employees with leadership potential."

Detailed meaning of potential

It is the inherent capacity to perform or achieve something in the future that is yet to be fully realized. Potential can refer to intellectual, physical, or creative abilities, as well as the capacity to perform certain tasks or activities. It can be innate or acquired through education, training, or experience. Potential is often associated with opportunities for growth and development, and its realization is a key factor in personal and professional success. Recognizing and cultivating potential in oneself or others is an essential aspect of leadership, education, and personal growth, as it helps to unlock new opportunities and achieve greater levels of success.

Example sentences containing potential

1. She showed great potential in her studies and was offered a scholarship.
2. The coach saw potential in the young athlete and decided to give them a chance.
3. With proper training, the new employee has the potential to excel in their role.
4. The singer's talent showed great potential for success in the music industry.
5. The scientist's groundbreaking research has the potential to change the world.
6. The business idea had the potential to be a game-changer in the industry.

History and etymology of potential

The noun 'potential' finds its etymological origins in the Latin word 'potentialis,' which is derived from 'potentia,' meaning 'power' or 'capacity.' In its earliest form, 'potential' was closely linked to the concept of inherent power or ability. This Latin root was later adopted into Middle French as 'potentiel,' which continued to convey the idea of inherent capabilities or latent qualities. In English, 'potential' emerged during the 16th century, maintaining its fundamental meaning of the latent qualities, abilities, or aptitudes that an individual or entity possesses, which, if developed or harnessed, may lead to future success. Thus, the etymology of 'potential' underscores the notion of intrinsic power or capacity, which holds the promise of future achievement when realized.

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Further usage examples of potential

1. The student's project showcased their potential for innovation and creativity.
2. The investment opportunity had the potential for high returns.
3. The organization's mission is to help individuals realize their full potential.
4. The book offered insights into how to unlock your potential and achieve your goals.
5. The mentor recognized the mentee's potential and offered guidance to help them succeed.
6. The young artist showed immense potential in her early works.
7. Investing in education can unlock a person's full potential.
8. The athlete's potential for greatness was evident from a young age.
9. The company recognized the untapped potential of a new market.
10. He had the potential to be a great leader if given the opportunity.
11. The mentor saw immense potential in her protege's talents.
12. Exploring your own potential can be a fulfilling journey.
13. Nurturing creativity can unleash a child's full potential.
14. Harnessing renewable energy has immense environmental potential.
15. The startup had enormous growth potential in the tech sector.
16. Hard work and dedication can maximize your potential.
17. Recognizing your potential is the first step to success.
18. The team's collective potential led to groundbreaking innovation.
19. Developing soft skills is essential for unlocking career potential.
20. Discovering your hidden potential can be life-changing.
21. The investment had the potential for high returns.
22. The untapped potential of AI technology is limitless.
23. Identifying and cultivating talent is crucial for reaching potential.
24. They aimed to unlock the full potential of their partnership.
25. The potential for positive change is within everyone's reach.



capability, incapability, weakness, ineptitude


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