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How to pronounce predominance (audio)


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Dictionary definition of predominance

The state or condition of being dominant, prevalent, or having superior influence or control over others.
"The predominance of fast-food restaurants in the area has contributed to unhealthy his eating habits."

Detailed meaning of predominance

It denotes a state of being the most common, significant, or powerful presence in a particular context or situation. When something or someone has predominance, it implies a position of authority, strength, or prominence that surpasses others in terms of importance, influence, or frequency. This can be observed in various domains such as social, cultural, political, or scientific realms. Predominance signifies a level of prevalence or predominance that stands out and shapes the course or nature of events, opinions, behaviors, or outcomes. It highlights the overwhelming or primary position of a specific element or entity over others, often indicating a degree of superiority or control in a given setting.

Example sentences containing predominance

1. The company's predominance in the market allowed it to dictate industry trends.
2. The team's skill and experience led to their predominance in the sports league.
3. The predominance of technology has revolutionized the way we communicate.
4. The artist's creativity and unique style earned her a position of predominance in the art world.
5. The predominance of online shopping has impacted brick-and-mortar stores.
6. The region's predominance in agriculture makes it a major food supplier.

History and etymology of predominance

The noun 'predominance' has its etymological roots in the Latin word 'prae,' meaning 'before,' and 'dominans,' which is the present participle of 'dominari,' meaning 'to rule' or 'to dominate.' In Latin, 'prae' was often used to convey a sense of superiority or precedence. When combined with 'dominans,' it formed 'praedominans,' which meant having superior influence or control. As the term evolved through Old French and into Middle English, it became 'predominance,' retaining its core meaning of the state or condition of being dominant, prevalent, or having superior influence or control over others. The etymology of 'predominance' highlights the idea of something or someone exerting a prevailing and dominant force or influence in a particular context or situation.

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Further usage examples of predominance

1. The predominance of social media has changed the way we connect and share information.
2. The company's predominance in the software industry was unparalleled.
3. The political party's predominance in parliament allowed them to pass significant legislation.
4. The predominance of certain species in the ecosystem can have far-reaching effects.
5. The team's skill and determination led to their predominance in the championship.
6. The predominance of mobile devices has transformed the way we access information.
7. The writer's eloquence and powerful storytelling established her predominance in literature.
8. The predominance of technology has transformed our lives.
9. His intelligence gave him a sense of predominance.
10. The company's market share reflects its predominance.
11. In that era, the predominance of monarchs was unquestioned.
12. The predominance of social media has changed communication.
13. The team's skill contributed to their on-field predominance.
14. The predominance of fast food affects public health.
15. She fought for gender equality in a male predominance.
16. The predominance of natural beauty drew tourists.
17. Economic factors played a role in the region's predominance.
18. The artist's work showcased the predominance of color.
19. Cultural influences can shape the predominance of beliefs.
20. The predominance of the internet has reshaped industries.
21. The company's predominance in tech is widely recognized.
22. The predominance of skyscrapers defines the city's skyline.
23. The area's natural beauty adds to its predominance.
24. The predominance of corporate interests influenced policy.
25. Her confidence contributed to her social predominance.
26. The predominance of his ideas shaped the field.
27. Technological advancements have fueled the predominance of AI.



dominance, inferiority, subordination, weakness


Prefix pre-, Suffix -ance, SAT 19 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Dominance and Supremacy, High School 1

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