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How to pronounce ascendancy (audio)

Dictionary definition of ascendancy

A situation where one person, group, or ideology has gained a position of power or influence over others.
"The party's ascendancy to power was a result of the recent election."

Detailed meaning of ascendancy

It refers to a situation where one entity is dominant or superior to others, and is able to exert control or influence over them. The term 'ascendancy' is often used in political or social contexts, and implies a level of authority and control over others. For example, a political party may gain ascendancy over its rivals by winning a majority of seats in a legislative body, or a cultural movement may gain ascendancy over others by becoming popular and influential. The term 'ascendancy' can also be used to describe a situation where one's own abilities or qualities are in the ascendancy, meaning they are on the rise or becoming more prominent. Overall, the term 'ascendancy' is used to describe a situation where one person, group, or ideology is dominant or influential over others.

Example sentences of ascendancy

1. The party's ascendancy to power was swift and surprising.
2. The monarch's ascendancy marked a new era in the kingdom.
3. The company's ascendancy in the market came through innovation.
4. The coach led the team to ascendancy in the league.
5. Economic policies played a role in their ascendancy.
6. The group's ascendancy was due to their charismatic leader.

History and etymology of ascendancy

The noun 'ascendancy' has its etymological origins in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'ascendens,' which is the present participle form of 'ascendere,' meaning 'to climb' or 'to rise.' Therefore, 'ascendancy' can be understood as a situation in which one person, group, or ideology has climbed or risen to a position of power, control, or influence over others. It signifies a state of dominance or superiority, often in the realms of politics, culture, or ideology, where one entity or set of beliefs holds a commanding position. The etymology of 'ascendancy' underscores the idea of upward movement and elevation to a position of authority or control, reflecting the historical and social dynamics of power and influence in various contexts.

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Further usage examples of ascendancy

1. Technological advances fueled the nation's ascendancy.
2. The politician's ascendancy was met with mixed reactions.
3. The military's ascendancy led to increased global influence.
4. The city's ascendancy as a cultural hub was undeniable.
5. Ideological shifts contributed to their ascendancy.
6. The party's ascendancy was marked by decisive victories.
7. The ascendancy of the new CEO brought change to the company.
8. Their ascendancy in the music industry was unparalleled.
9. The empire's ascendancy resulted from strategic conquests.
10. The ascendancy of social media changed communication.
11. The group's ascendancy in the art world was meteoric.
12. The dynasty's ascendancy was marked by stability and growth.
13. The team's ascendancy in the playoffs was unexpected.
14. Economic policies played a pivotal role in their ascendancy.
15. The political party enjoyed a period of ascendancy, dominating the polls for several years.
16. With their superior technology, the company quickly gained ascendancy in the market.
17. The young prodigy's remarkable skills allowed her to rise to ascendancy in the music industry.
18. The CEO's charismatic leadership propelled the company to ascendancy within the competitive sector.
19. After years of hard work, the artist finally achieved ascendancy in the art world.
20. The team's relentless training and dedication led to their ascendancy in the sports league.
21. The ancient civilization reached its peak of ascendancy during the reign of its greatest emperor.
22. The rise of social media platforms marked the ascendancy of a new form of communication.
23. The educational institution's innovative teaching methods brought it to ascendancy among its peers.
24. The writer's powerful storytelling and captivating narratives propelled her to ascendancy in the literary world.
25. The military general's strategic brilliance led his army to ascendancy in the war.
26. The economic policies implemented by the government contributed to the country's ascendancy as a global powerhouse.


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