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How to pronounce prenatal (audio)

Dictionary definition of prenatal

The period of time before a baby is born, specifically the time during pregnancy.
"Prenatal care can help ensure a healthy pregnancy and delivery."

Detailed meaning of prenatal

Prenatal care, which involves regular check-ups with healthcare providers and monitoring of the developing fetus, is important for ensuring the health and well-being of both the mother and the baby. Prenatal development is a complex process that involves a wide range of physiological changes, including the growth and differentiation of various organs and tissues. Factors such as maternal nutrition, stress, and exposure to environmental toxins can all affect prenatal development and influence the long-term health outcomes of the child. Prenatal screening tests are often used to identify potential health risks or abnormalities in the developing fetus, allowing for early intervention and treatment if necessary. Overall, the term "prenatal" emphasizes the importance of taking care of both the mother and the developing baby during the critical period leading up to birth.

Example sentences containing prenatal

1. Prenatal care is crucial for ensuring a healthy pregnancy and baby.
2. The prenatal vitamins help support the mother's and baby's development.
3. Expectant parents eagerly await their prenatal ultrasound appointment.
4. Prenatal yoga classes offer relaxation and strength training for moms-to-be.
5. The prenatal checkup revealed the baby's heartbeat for the first time.
6. Proper nutrition is essential for a smooth prenatal journey.

History and etymology of prenatal

The adjective 'prenatal' can be dissected etymologically to reveal its origins. It is formed from two Latin components: 'pre-' and 'natalis.' The prefix 'pre-' means 'before' or 'prior to,' and 'natalis' is derived from 'natus,' which translates to 'born' or 'birth.' So, when combined, 'prenatal' literally means 'before birth' in Latin. This etymology precisely reflects its modern usage, where 'prenatal' pertains to the period of time before a baby is born, specifically during pregnancy, encompassing all the events and developments that occur within the womb prior to the birth of a child.

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Further usage examples of prenatal

1. Many mothers experience prenatal cravings for unusual foods.
2. The prenatal class provided valuable information on labor and delivery.
3. The prenatal clinic offers comprehensive healthcare for expectant mothers.
4. Prenatal massage therapy can relieve tension and promote relaxation.
5. Early prenatal care can help detect and address potential complications.
6. The doctor recommended a prenatal exercise routine to stay active.
7. Prenatal bonding begins with feeling the baby's kicks and movements.
8. Prenatal education classes cover topics like breastfeeding and baby care.
9. The prenatal vitamins contain essential nutrients for fetal growth.
10. Prenatal genetic testing can assess the risk of certain conditions.
11. Prenatal ultrasounds offer a glimpse of the baby's development.
12. Prenatal yoga helps expectant mothers stay flexible and reduce stress.
13. Prenatal nutrition plays a crucial role in fetal brain development.
14. A healthy lifestyle during the prenatal period benefits both mother and baby.
15. Prenatal vitamins are often recommended to ensure the health of the developing fetus.
16. Prenatal testing can help identify potential health risks for both the mother and the baby.
17. Maternal stress during prenatal development has been linked to a range of negative health outcomes for the child.
18. Prenatal yoga and exercise classes can help expectant mothers stay active and reduce stress.
19. The prenatal period is a critical time for fetal brain development.
20. Certain medications and substances can be harmful to the developing fetus during prenatal development.
21. The first trimester of pregnancy is a key period of prenatal development.
22. Prenatal ultrasound scans are used to monitor the growth and development of the fetus.
23. Prenatal exposure to tobacco smoke can increase the risk of health problems for the child later in life.
24. Good nutrition during the prenatal period is essential for the health and well-being of both the mother and the baby.
25. Prenatal education and classes can help expectant parents prepare for the challenges and joys of parenthood.



before birth, postnatal, postpartum, after birth


Prefix pre-, Help and Support, Events and Milestones, Life Stages and Mortality

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