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How to pronounce pretended (audio)


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Dictionary definition of pretended

Not genuine, authentic, or sincere.
"His pretended innocence did not fool the jury, who saw through his deceitful testimony."


Detailed meaning of pretended

It refers to a simulated or feigned appearance or behavior, which is intended to deceive or mislead others. When something is described as pretended, it implies that it is put on or acted out for a specific purpose, often with the intention of concealing one's true thoughts, emotions, or motives. It can pertain to false claims, simulated actions, or insincere gestures that are intended to create a certain impression or manipulate others. The adjective denotes an element of pretense or falseness, indicating that what is being presented is not reflective of reality or true intentions. Whether in personal interactions, performances, or situations involving deception, the term pretended highlights the artificial or deceptive nature of the subject at hand.

Example sentences containing pretended

1. She pretended to care about the event, yet her disinterest was palpable.
2. Jack's pretended enthusiasm fooled no one; we all saw through him.
3. With pretended joy, she opened the unwanted gift, masking disdain.
4. His pretended bravery in the haunted house was both obvious and funny.
5. The spy’s pretended allegiance was convincing until the truth emerged.
6. "Your pretended concern is insulting," she said, seeing through his act.

History and etymology of pretended

The adjective 'pretended' has its etymology rooted in the Latin word 'praetendere,' which is a combination of 'prae,' meaning 'before,' and 'tendere,' meaning 'to stretch' or 'to extend.' In Latin, 'praetendere' meant to stretch something out before others, often in the sense of making a false or deceptive display. As this concept evolved through Old French as 'pretendre,' and then into Middle English, it took on the sense of something that is not genuine, authentic, or sincere, often associated with feigned or deceptive actions. The etymology of 'pretended' underscores its historical association with the idea of stretching the truth or presenting a false appearance, highlighting its role in describing insincere or deceptive behavior or qualities.

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Further usage examples of pretended

1. He wore a pretended smile, though disappointment lurked within his eyes.
2. In pretended shock, Ann heard the gossip, yet she already knew it all.
3. Amid pretended ignorance, he had known about the surprise party all along.
4. They expressed pretended regret, but their relief was easy to perceive.
5. She exhibited pretended admiration for her rival’s achievements; it stung.
6. Mike’s pretended innocence unraveled with the evidence laid before him.
7. With pretended sorrow, they celebrated the tyrant’s downfall secretly.
8. Her pretended love was a weapon, wielded with malicious precision.
9. The diplomat's pretended respect for the dictator was a necessary charade.
10. He gave a pretended apology; his insincerity hung heavily in the air.
11. With pretended awe, the critic wrote a scathing review later that day.
12. Their pretended friendship was a façade; enmity brewed beneath the surface.
13. A pretended laugh escaped her lips, betraying the storm within her soul.
14. In the mirror, his pretended confidence confronted the fear in his eyes.
15. She gave a pretended smile, masking her true feelings of disappointment.
16. The con artist put on a pretended air of charm to gain the trust of his victims.
17. His pretended interest in the conversation was evident as he checked his phone repeatedly.
18. The politician's pretended concern for the environment was seen as a mere act to gain public support.
19. The children played a pretended game of doctors, using toy instruments to mimic medical procedures.
20. The spy maintained a pretended identity, assuming the role of an ordinary citizen while secretly gathering intelligence.
21. The comedian's pretended outrage was part of his act, designed to generate laughter from the audience.
22. The thief attempted a pretended nonchalance, acting as if he belonged in the restricted area.
23. She gave a pretended apology, but her insincerity was apparent to everyone present.
24. The actor's pretended emotions were so convincing that the audience was moved to tears.
25. The boss's pretended approval masked her true dissatisfaction with the employee's performance.



feigned, genuine, authentic, sincere


Prefix pre-, TOEFL 12, Clandestine and Conniving, Fake and Insincere

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