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How to pronounce proclamation (audio)


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Dictionary definition of proclamation

A formal and public announcement or declaration made by a person or an authority figure to communicate an important message, statement, or decree.
"The king's proclamation declared a national day of celebration."

Detailed meaning of proclamation

Proclamations are typically issued with authority and command attention, aiming to inform, influence, or direct a specific group of people or the general public. They are often used by governments, leaders, or officials to make official pronouncements, declare new policies, or commemorate significant events. Proclamations can also be made by individuals or organizations to express a strong opinion, advocate for a cause, or raise awareness about a particular issue. The purpose of a proclamation is to provide clear and authoritative communication, often with the intention of shaping public opinion, invoking compliance, or instigating action. Proclamations carry a sense of importance, formality, and significance, and they can have legal, social, or historical implications depending on the context in which they are made.

Example sentences containing proclamation

1. The mayor issued a proclamation recognizing the achievements of local athletes.
2. The president's proclamation called for unity and cooperation among the citizens.
3. The religious leader's proclamation emphasized the importance of compassion and love.
4. The queen's proclamation granted amnesty to prisoners on the occasion of her coronation.
5. The governor's proclamation declared a state of emergency due to the natural disaster.
6. The proclamation by the committee set the guidelines for the upcoming event.

History and etymology of proclamation

The noun 'proclamation' has its etymological roots in the Latin word 'proclamare,' which is a combination of 'pro,' meaning 'forth,' and 'clamare,' meaning 'to cry out' or 'to shout.' In Latin, 'proclamare' referred to the act of making an announcement or declaration loudly and publicly. As this concept transitioned into Old French as 'proclamacion' and later into Middle English, it retained its core meaning of a formal and public announcement or declaration made by a person or an authority figure to communicate an important message, statement, or decree. The etymology of 'proclamation' underscores its historical association with the act of making a declaration known to the public by crying out or announcing it aloud, emphasizing its role as a formal means of communication in various contexts, including governance, celebrations, and public events.

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Further usage examples of proclamation

1. The tribal chief's proclamation reaffirmed the tribe's sovereignty and rights.
2. The religious proclamation announced the upcoming religious festival.
3. The teacher's proclamation motivated the students to strive for excellence.
4. The activist's proclamation called for equality and justice for all.
5. The mayor's proclamation declared a new city holiday.
6. The king's proclamation announced a royal wedding.
7. Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation abolished slavery.
8. The president's proclamation urged unity and peace.
9. Her proclamation of love took him by surprise.
10. The governor's proclamation honored local heroes.
11. The religious leader's proclamation inspired followers.
12. The CEO's proclamation outlined the company's vision.
13. The teacher's proclamation set classroom rules.
14. The coach's proclamation motivated the team.
15. The scientist's proclamation heralded a breakthrough.
16. The queen's proclamation called for national unity.
17. The activist's proclamation demanded social justice.
18. The judge's proclamation determined the verdict.
19. The principal's proclamation recognized student achievements.
20. The chef's proclamation introduced a new menu.
21. The artist's proclamation conveyed a powerful message.
22. The captain's proclamation guided the ship's crew.
23. The explorer's proclamation claimed new territory.
24. The prophet's proclamation foretold a new era.



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