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How to pronounce progeny (audio)

Dictionary definition of progeny

Referring to a person's descendants or offspring, or to the collective offspring of a particular animal or plant species.
"The proud parent watched as their progeny graduated from college."

Detailed meaning of progeny

It encompasses the idea of children, grandchildren, and subsequent descendants. 'Progeny' is commonly used in biological contexts to discuss the offspring of animals or plants. In a broader context, it can also refer to the creative works or ideas that are influenced or inspired by an earlier work, suggesting a lineage of influence or succession. This term highlights the concept of continuation and the passing of traits or characteristics from one generation to the next.

Example sentences containing progeny

1. The breeder carefully selected the best animals for their progeny to have desirable traits.
2. The scientist studied the progeny of genetically modified plants to determine their efficacy.
3. The artist's progeny continued their legacy through their own creative works.
4. The royal family's progeny would someday inherit the throne.
5. The biologist observed the progeny of a particular species to understand their behavior.
6. The writer's progeny inherited their talent for storytelling.

History and etymology of progeny

The noun 'progeny' has its etymological origins in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'progenies,' which combines 'pro,' meaning 'forth' or 'forward,' and 'gignere,' meaning 'to beget' or 'to produce.' Therefore, 'progeny' essentially means 'that which is produced or born forth.' This term is used to refer to a person's descendants or offspring, as well as the collective offspring of a particular animal or plant species. 'Progeny' emphasizes the idea of a continuous lineage or the generations that arise from a common origin. The etymology of 'progeny' reflects its historical and linguistic connection to the concept of generation and reproduction, underscoring the notion of what is begotten or produced in the course of life.

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Further usage examples of progeny

1. The athlete's progeny followed in their footsteps and became successful in the same sport.
2. The farmer kept careful records of the progeny produced by their breeding animals.
3. The company's founder hoped their progeny would continue the business after they retired.
4. The philanthropist's progeny continued their legacy of charitable giving.
5. The researcher studied the progeny of a disease-resistant animal to develop a new treatment.
6. He takes great pride in nurturing the talents of his gifted progeny.
7. The survival of an endangered species depends on protecting its progeny.
8. She dedicated her life to ensuring the well-being and happiness of her progeny.
9. The scientist's research focused on the behavior and development of animal progeny.
10. Our responsibility is to create a better world for the benefit of our progeny.
11. The monarch's eldest progeny is next in line for the throne.
12. The artist's influence extends through generations in the work of their progeny.
13. Conservation efforts aim to secure a thriving future for wildlife and their progeny.
14. A parent's unconditional love for their progeny knows no bounds.
15. The researcher explored the genetic diversity of plant progeny.
16. The leader's vision was to build a brighter future for all progeny.
17. The legacy we leave behind shapes the opportunities available to our progeny.
18. The teacher nurtured her students, treating them as her own progeny.
19. Her compassion extended to all living creatures and their progeny.
20. Musical talent often runs in families, enriching the lives of future progeny.
21. He considered the happiness and well-being of his progeny his highest priority.
22. Generations of scientists have dedicated themselves to studying animal progeny.
23. The sacrifices made today lay the foundation for a more prosperous future for our progeny.
24. The conservation of biodiversity is crucial to ensuring a healthy environment for future progeny.
25. She left behind a legacy of empathy and kindness that continues to benefit all progeny.



offspring, parent, ancestor, predecessor


Continuation and Perseverance, Perseverance and Fortitude, Family and Relationships

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