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How to pronounce proverbial (audio)

Dictionary definition of proverbial

Commonly known or recognized as being a typical example of a certain thing or a statement that is widely known and repeated.
"The proverbial needle in a haystack is a symbol of something hard to find."

Detailed meaning of proverbial

Proverbial can refer to a specific statement or expression, such as "a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush" or "time heals all wounds" which are well-known sayings that express a general truth or practical wisdom. Proverbial can also be used to describe a situation or thing that is seen as a classic example of a certain type, for example, "the proverbial elephant in the room" is a situation or problem that is obvious to everyone but goes unspoken, and "the proverbial needle in a haystack" meaning a thing that is hard to find. In literature and speech, Proverbial expressions are often used to add color and express ideas in a more concise and memorable way. Proverbial sayings and expressions are part of the folk wisdom and can be found in many cultures and languages. Overall, the term proverbial is used to describe something that is commonly known, recognized or repeated as a typical example of a certain thing or a statement that is widely known and expresses a general truth or practical wisdom.

Example sentences containing proverbial

1. Her patience, like the proverbial saint, knew no bounds.
2. The proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow remained elusive.
3. His wisdom was akin to the proverbial deep well of knowledge.
4. The town's charm had the proverbial quaintness of a storybook.
5. The mansion's opulence matched the proverbial wealth of legends.
6. Their courage in adversity was like the proverbial unbreakable shield.

History and etymology of proverbial

The adjective 'proverbial' has its roots in the word 'proverb,' which originates from Latin. In Latin, 'proverbum' consists of 'pro,' meaning 'for' or 'in favor of,' and 'verbum,' meaning 'word.' A proverb is a concise and widely recognized statement that imparts wisdom or advice in a concise form. 'Proverbial,' therefore, pertains to things or statements that are commonly known or recognized as typical examples, often referring to the widespread familiarity of proverbs themselves. The etymology of 'proverbial' reflects its connection to the rich tradition of proverbs and the widespread knowledge and repetition of these succinct expressions of wisdom and common sense.

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Further usage examples of proverbial

1. The saying "actions speak louder than words" is proverbial wisdom.
2. The restaurant's cuisine had the proverbial reputation for excellence.
3. The car's engine ran with the proverbial precision of a Swiss watch.
4. The story of their love became the proverbial tale of true romance.
5. His humor made him the proverbial life of every social gathering.
6. She stood at the proverbial crossroads, facing a tough decision.
7. The company's success story followed the proverbial rags-to-riches path.
8. The movie explored the proverbial battle between good and evil.
9. His generosity flowed like the proverbial well that never dries up.
10. The athlete's determination reached the proverbial heights of glory.
11. The artist's work captured the proverbial beauty of the natural world.
12. His fame soared to the proverbial pinnacle of international acclaim.
13. Their partnership was the proverbial perfect match in business.
14. The city pulsed with the proverbial energy of urban life.
15. After years of hard work, she finally reached the proverbial top of the mountain.
16. He was caught in the proverbial catch-22 situation where he couldn't win either way.
17. The company's proverbial red tape made it difficult for employees to get anything done.
18. She became the proverbial black sheep of the family after she dropped out of college.
19. The coach's proverbial pep talk inspired the team to victory.
20. Despite their proverbial bad luck, they managed to come out on top in the end.
21. He always seemed to have the proverbial silver spoon in his mouth, never having to work for anything.
22. The old house was haunted by the proverbial ghosts of its past.
23. They found themselves in the proverbial hot seat when the CEO asked them to explain their mistakes.
24. The proverbial storm clouds were gathering, and they knew it was time to take cover.
25. She couldn't help but roll her eyes at the boss's proverbial words of wisdom.



well-known, rare, unique, novel


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