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How to pronounce radiance (audio)

Dictionary definition of radiance

A quality or state of emitting light, brightness, or glowing energy.
"The newborn baby's face had a delicate radiance that filled the room with joy."

Detailed meaning of radiance

It describes a captivating and luminous quality that emanates from a person, object, or source of light. Radiance often evokes a sense of brilliance, warmth, and vitality. It can be both literal, in the case of a glowing light source, and metaphorical, in terms of someone's inner beauty or positive aura. Radiance is associated with a vibrant and captivating appearance, characterized by a healthy glow or a noticeable aura of positivity. It can also be used figuratively to describe someone's personality or demeanor, indicating a captivating and uplifting presence that brings joy or inspiration to others. The term "radiance" conveys a sense of brightness, splendor, and the ability to illuminate and uplift the surroundings, whether it be physical or metaphorical.

Example sentences containing radiance

1. The radiance of the sunset painted the sky in vibrant hues.
2. Her smile had a warm radiance that brightened the room.
3. The stars in the night sky shone with a gentle radiance.
4. The garden was bathed in the radiance of blooming flowers.
5. The newborn's face had an angelic radiance.
6. The diamond's radiance was mesmerizing in the candlelight.

History and etymology of radiance

The noun 'radiance' derives its etymology from the Latin word 'radiantia,' which is the neuter plural form of 'radians,' the present participle of the verb 'radiare,' meaning 'to shine' or 'to emit rays.' This Latin root 'radiare' is linked to 'radius,' the word for 'ray' or 'beam,' which is associated with the emission of light or energy. Consequently, 'radiance' etymologically signifies the quality or state of emitting light, brightness, or glowing energy, reflecting its origins in the idea of shining or emitting rays, and it aptly describes the brilliance and luminosity often associated with something that emits light or energy.

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Further usage examples of radiance

1. The sunrise brought a renewed radiance to the landscape.
2. The bride's radiance on her wedding day was unparalleled.
3. The city skyline had a captivating radiance at night.
4. The festival lights added a festive radiance to the square.
5. The moon's radiance illuminated the path through the woods.
6. The artist captured the radiance of the autumn leaves in her painting.
7. The actor's talent brought a special radiance to the stage.
8. The ocean's radiance under the full moon was enchanting.
9. The sunrise over the mountains filled the valley with radiance.
10. The sunrise painted the sky with a golden radiance.
11. Her smile lit up the room with its radiant glow.
12. The bride walked down the aisle, exuding a radiance that captivated everyone.
13. The stars shimmered in the night sky, adding to its celestial radiance.
14. The gemstone necklace sparkled with a brilliant radiance.
15. The sunset cast a warm radiance over the landscape, creating a serene atmosphere.
16. The actress's performance on stage was accompanied by an undeniable radiance.
17. The room was adorned with soft, glowing lights that created an ambiance of radiance.
18. The artist captured the essence of radiance in her vibrant and luminous paintings.
19. The mountain peak was bathed in the ethereal radiance of the full moon.
20. The dancer's graceful movements were accompanied by an aura of radiance.
21. The morning dew added a sparkling radiance to the freshly bloomed flowers.
22. The radiant bride walked down the aisle, her gown shimmering with a gentle radiance.
23. The sunset painted the ocean with hues of pink and orange, creating a breathtaking radiance.



brightness, dullness, dimness, gloom


Suffix -ance, Inquiry and Insight, Vitality and Vigor, Light and Visibility

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