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How to pronounce raffish (audio)


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Dictionary definition of raffish

Possessing a slightly unconventional, disreputable, or roguish charm.
"He was a raffish character, always getting into mischief and pushing the boundaries."

Detailed meaning of raffish

When applied to a person's appearance, demeanor, or lifestyle, it often suggests an air of stylish recklessness or a hint of rakishness. A raffish individual may have a non-conformist fashion sense, engage in unconventional or daring behavior, or exude an aura of casual sophistication mixed with an element of worldliness. The term "raffish" carries a connotation of carefree and debonair allure, often appealing to those who appreciate a certain level of bohemian or unconventional flair. It implies a certain charisma that arises from embracing an alternative, unorthodox, or even disreputable lifestyle while maintaining an undeniably captivating presence.

Example sentences containing raffish

1. His raffish appearance and devil-may-care attitude made him intriguing.
2. The bar had a distinctly raffish atmosphere, attracting a diverse crowd.
3. She couldn't resist the raffish charm of the enigmatic stranger.
4. The city's raffish neighborhoods were teeming with hidden gems.
5. The detective's raffish methods often yielded unexpected results.
6. The actor's raffish grin endeared him to audiences worldwide.

History and etymology of raffish

The adjective 'raffish' has its etymological roots in the noun 'raff,' which originally referred to a group of disreputable or unruly individuals. The word 'raff' itself is thought to have originated in the Middle English term 'riff-raff,' which meant a disorderly crowd or a rabble. Over time, 'raffish' evolved to describe something or someone possessing a slightly unconventional, disreputable, or roguish charm. It suggests a certain allure in being a bit unorthodox or non-conforming, often appealing to a sense of adventurousness or edginess. This transformation in meaning reflects how 'raffish' went from denoting a disorderly group to describing a distinctive and sometimes appealing style or demeanor associated with unconventional or roguish characters.

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Further usage examples of raffish

1. The journalist adopted a raffish persona to uncover the truth.
2. The vintage shop was a treasure trove of raffish clothing and accessories.
3. Her raffish sense of humor lightened even the most serious discussions.
4. The novelist's characters were known for their raffish adventures.
5. He exuded a raffish allure that drew people in.
6. The diplomat's raffish escapades scandalized the diplomatic community.
7. The musician's raffish lyrics resonated with a generation.
8. The novelist's raffish antihero became an iconic literary figure.
9. The cafe attracted a raffish clientele with its eclectic decor.
10. The artist's raffish approach to art challenged traditional norms.
11. The city's raffish underbelly was a source of fascination for many.
12. The musician's raffish persona was central to his appeal.
13. The pub's raffish regulars created a unique sense of camaraderie.
14. The journalist's raffish charm opened doors in unexpected places.
15. The proprietor feared that his raffish clientele would be bad for business.
16. The raffish revellers making bonfires on the beach.
17. He had a raffish charm, with a slightly disreputable appearance and a devil-may-care attitude.
18. She was known for her raffish style, with a bohemian flair and a love of bold, colorful clothes.
19. The raffish bar was a favorite hangout for artists and musicians, with a laid-back atmosphere and a slightly rough around the edges vibe.
20. She was a raffish host, with a wild sense of humor and a love of throwing unconventional parties.
21. Raffish young men racing custom cars around disused carparks.
22. The raffish group of friends were known for their unconventional lifestyles and their love of adventure.
23. He was a raffish artist, with a rebellious spirit and a love of breaking the rules.
24. She was a raffish performer, with a bold and daring stage presence.
25. The raffish band was known for their edgy sound and their wild live shows.
26. He was a raffish writer, with a sharp wit and a love of pushing the boundaries.
27. She was a raffish actress, with a rebellious streak and a love of taking on unconventional roles.
28. The raffish neighborhood was known for its bohemian atmosphere and its eclectic mix of artists and musicians.



disreputable, respectable, refined, elegant


Suffix -ish, SAT 17 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Behavior and Conduct, Rudeness and Unrefined

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