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scrappy, coordinated, uniform, organized


Chaos and Disorder, Variety and Diversity, Chaos and Confusion



How to pronounce ragtag (audio)


Dictionary definition of ragtag

Characterized by a disorganized, heterogeneous, and often untidy or shabby appearance.
"The ragtag group of protestors marched through the streets chanting slogans."

Detailed meaning of ragtag

When a collection or assembly is described as ragtag, it implies that its members or components are a motley assortment, typically lacking in uniformity, order, or cohesion. This term is often applied to groups of people with diverse backgrounds, often of modest means, who have come together for a common purpose, sometimes despite their differences or under less than ideal circumstances. "Ragtag" underscores the eclectic and sometimes unconventional nature of such gatherings, highlighting the individuality and diversity of its members.

Example sentences containing ragtag

1. The ragtag group of volunteers cleaned up the park with determination.
2. The team's ragtag assortment of uniforms reflected their eclectic backgrounds.
3. The children put together a ragtag collection of costumes for the school play.
4. The resistance fighters were a ragtag bunch, but their spirit was strong.
5. The ragtag fleet of ships faced a formidable enemy in the battle.
6. The neighborhood basketball game included a ragtag mix of players.

History and etymology of ragtag

The adjective 'ragtag' is a compound word formed by combining 'rag,' which refers to torn or tattered pieces of cloth, with 'tag,' which can mean a small, untidy remnant or a loose end. 'Ragtag' entered the English language in the 19th century. It describes something characterized by a disorganized, heterogeneous, and often untidy or shabby appearance. The etymology of 'ragtag' effectively conveys the idea of a motley and scruffy collection of disparate elements, emphasizing the lack of uniformity and tidiness. Whether used to describe a ragtag group of individuals, a ragtag assortment of belongings, or a ragtag assemblage of ideas, this term underscores the concept of a haphazard and unkempt combination.

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Further usage examples of ragtag

1. The ragtag band of adventurers embarked on a daring quest.
2. The rescue mission was organized by a ragtag group of volunteers.
3. The makeshift shelter was home to a ragtag community of homeless individuals.
4. The old barn housed a ragtag collection of vintage cars.
5. The ragtag crew of misfits became unlikely heroes in the story.
6. The circus performers were a ragtag troupe of acrobats and clowns.
7. The pirate crew was a ragtag assortment of sailors from different backgrounds.
8. The ragtag group of protesters marched through the city streets chanting slogans.
9. The abandoned building became a refuge for a ragtag group of squatters.
10. The ragtag team of underdogs surprised everyone by winning the championship.
11. The army unit consisted of a ragtag mix of recruits and veterans.
12. The art exhibit featured a ragtag assortment of avant-garde pieces.
13. The orphanage was home to a ragtag group of children from various backgrounds.
14. The ragtag collection of instruments created a unique and eclectic sound.
15. The backpacking trip attracted a ragtag group of adventurous travelers.
16. The ragtag assortment of souvenirs in the gift shop appealed to tourists.
17. The rescue dog was a lovable ragtag mix of breeds.
18. The garden was a haven for a ragtag assortment of colorful flowers.
19. The theater troupe was a ragtag ensemble of actors and performers.

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