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How to pronounce eclectic (audio)

Dictionary definition of eclectic

Describing a diverse and wide-ranging collection or approach that draws from various sources, styles, or influences.
"The city is known for its eclectic mix of cultures and traditions."

Detailed meaning of eclectic

When something is described as eclectic, it suggests that it combines elements from different traditions, backgrounds, or genres, creating a unique and often harmonious blend. This term is often applied to people's tastes, such as eclectic music preferences that span multiple genres, or to interior design characterized by a mix of furniture and decor styles from different periods. An eclectic approach can also refer to a flexible and open-minded attitude that values diversity and variety. Overall, "eclectic" reflects a richness and diversity in a collection or approach, where the combination of different elements creates something distinctive and interesting.

Example sentences containing eclectic

1. My personal style is very eclectic, I like to mix and match different pieces from various time periods and cultures.
2. The museum's art collection is quite eclectic, featuring works from various artists and time periods.
3. The band played an eclectic mix of retro classics.
4. The band's music is an eclectic blend of rock, jazz, and pop.
5. His eclectic taste in literature is evident in the wide range of authors on his bookshelf.
6. The restaurant's menu is eclectic, offering dishes from a variety of cuisines.

History and etymology of eclectic

The adjective 'eclectic' has its origins in Greek. It is derived from the Greek word 'eklektikos,' which means 'selective' or 'choosy.' The root of this term is 'eklegein,' which combines 'ek,' meaning 'out of' or 'from,' and 'legein,' meaning 'to choose' or 'to pick.' Therefore, 'eclectic' etymologically conveys the idea of being selective in choosing from various sources or styles. When something is described as 'eclectic,' it reflects a diverse and wide-ranging collection or approach that draws from a multitude of sources, influences, or styles. The etymology of 'eclectic' underscores the notion of a thoughtful and discerning selection process, resulting in a rich and varied composition that combines elements from different origins or traditions.

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Further usage examples of eclectic

1. The store's inventory is very eclectic, featuring a mix of vintage and modern items.
2. The designer's fashion line is known for its eclectic mix of patterns and textures.
3. The event featured an eclectic lineup of musicians, ranging from classical to electronic.
4. The house is decorated with an eclectic mix of antique and modern furnishings.
5. The college's curriculum is eclectic, offering a range of courses in different fields.
6. The band's stage performance is an eclectic mix of music, dance, and visual effects.
7. The artist's work is an eclectic blend of different styles and influences.
8. The garden has an eclectic mix of plants from various regions and climates.
9. The museum's exhibition is an eclectic display of artifacts from different time periods and cultures.
10. He grew up in the seventies and has an eclectic taste in music.
11. He has an eclectic wardrobe and a flamboyant style.
12. The college offered an eclectic mix of undergraduate courses.
13. Her eclectic taste in music spans classical, rock, and hip-hop.
14. The art gallery showcased an eclectic mix of contemporary and traditional pieces.
15. The restaurant's menu offered an eclectic array of global cuisine.
16. His wardrobe was an eclectic blend of vintage and modern fashion.
17. The book club members had eclectic reading preferences.
18. Their home decor featured an eclectic collection of antique and modern furniture.
19. The film director is known for his eclectic choice of actors.
20. The garden boasted an eclectic mix of flowers, shrubs, and exotic plants.
21. Her teaching style is eclectic, drawing from various educational philosophies.
22. The party playlist was eclectic, with songs from every genre.
23. The architectural design of the building was truly eclectic.
24. His eclectic personality made him a fascinating and unpredictable friend.



varied, uniform, homogeneous, similar


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