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How to pronounce readiness (audio)

Dictionary definition of readiness

A state of being prepared, eager, or willing to take action or engage in a particular task or situation.
"Her readiness to learn new skills made her a valuable asset to the company."

Detailed meaning of readiness

It signifies a state of readiness, where one is mentally, physically, or emotionally prepared to tackle a challenge or respond to a given circumstance. Readiness implies a state of readiness or preparedness that involves a sense of alertness, readiness, and availability to act promptly or effectively. It can be associated with being proactive, responsive, or equipped to handle a situation, demonstrating a willingness to face and address challenges or opportunities.

Example sentences containing readiness

1. The team showed great readiness to compete in the championship.
2. The soldier's training prepared him for battle with a sense of readiness.
3. The emergency response team demonstrated readiness in handling the crisis.
4. The student's readiness to participate in class discussions was evident.
5. The organization's readiness for change allowed it to adapt to market shifts.
6. He displayed a high level of readiness to tackle the difficult assignment.

History and etymology of readiness

The noun 'readiness' derives its etymology from the Old English word 'rǣdnes,' which meant 'promptness' or 'quickness.' This Old English term was formed from 'rǣde,' meaning 'ready' or 'prepared,' and the suffix '-nes,' which denoted a state or quality. 'Rǣde' itself is akin to the Old High German 'rāti,' signifying 'prepared' or 'ready.' The concept of 'readiness' embodies the idea of being in a state of preparedness, eagerness, or willingness to take action or engage in a particular task or situation promptly. Its etymology underscores the historical importance placed on being prepared and prompt in one's actions, which remains relevant in today's usage of the term.

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Further usage examples of readiness

1. The coach commended the team's readiness and commitment to practice.
2. The company's readiness to embrace innovation helped it stay competitive.
3. The teacher assessed the students' readiness before introducing new concepts.
4. The athlete's physical readiness was crucial for peak performance.
5. The government implemented measures to enhance national readiness in case of emergencies.
6. Their readiness for the exam was evident in their diligent study habits.
7. The team's readiness to compete was boosted by intense training.
8. The athlete's readiness to break records was fueled by determination.
9. The company's readiness for change led to a successful transition.
10. Her readiness to help others made her a valued team member.
11. The soldier's readiness for combat was a testament to their training.
12. The student's readiness to learn was evident in their enthusiasm.
13. The emergency response team's readiness saved lives during the crisis.
14. The manager's readiness to adapt to new technology improved efficiency.
15. The firefighter's readiness to act quickly prevented a disaster.
16. The pilot's readiness for any situation ensured a safe flight.
17. The chef's readiness to experiment with flavors led to a unique menu.
18. The teacher's readiness to support struggling students was commendable.
19. The politician's readiness to address issues resonated with voters.
20. The doctor's readiness to perform surgery was crucial in emergencies.
21. The entrepreneur's readiness to take risks paid off in business.
22. The volunteer's readiness to serve the community was inspiring.
23. The parent's readiness to listen to their child's concerns fostered trust.
24. The artist's readiness to create led to a prolific body of work.
25. The explorer's readiness to venture into the unknown was fearless.



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