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How to pronounce eagerness (audio)


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Dictionary definition of eagerness

A state or quality of being enthusiastic, eager, or excited about something.
"The entrepreneur's eagerness propelled them to take risks and pursue innovative business ideas."

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Detailed meaning of eagerness

It represents a strong and intense desire or readiness to engage, learn, or participate in a particular activity or experience. Eagerness is often characterized by a heightened sense of anticipation, a proactive attitude, and a genuine interest in pursuing goals or acquiring knowledge. It reflects a positive and motivated mindset, driving individuals to approach tasks or opportunities with enthusiasm and determination. Eagerness can manifest in various contexts, such as in the pursuit of personal growth, the anticipation of an event, or the willingness to take on challenges. This term captures the essence of a fervent and eager disposition, embodying the enthusiasm and proactive approach that individuals bring to their endeavors.

Example sentences containing eagerness

1. The students displayed eagerness as they raised their hands, eager to answer the teacher's question.
2. The job applicant's eagerness shone through during the interview, impressing the hiring manager.
3. The children's eagerness was palpable as they lined up for the amusement park ride.
4. The team members approached the project with eagerness, ready to tackle the challenges ahead.
5. The audience's eagerness was evident as they eagerly awaited the start of the concert.
6. The participants in the workshop listened with eagerness, eager to absorb new knowledge and skills.

History and etymology of eagerness

The noun 'eagerness' is derived from the adjective 'eager' and shares its etymological roots. As mentioned previously, 'eager' has an Old French origin from the word 'egre,' which meant 'sharp' or 'keen.' This Old French term evolved to signify enthusiasm and keenness. 'Eagerness' is formed by adding the suffix '-ness' to 'eager,' transforming it into a noun that denotes a state or quality of being enthusiastic, eager, or excited about something. Therefore, the etymology of 'eagerness' conveys the idea of possessing a sharp and intense enthusiasm or readiness, highlighting the quality of being keen and excited when approaching a task, opportunity, or experience.

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Further usage examples of eagerness

1. The couple's eagerness was apparent as they planned their dream vacation, researching destinations with excitement.
2. The employee's eagerness to learn new software impressed the IT department.
3. The students expressed eagerness to participate in the upcoming science fair, brainstorming ideas for their projects.
4. The athlete's eagerness to win the championship motivated them to train harder and push their limits.
5. The young artist's eagerness to create led them to spend hours in the studio, fully absorbed in their work.
6. Her eagerness to learn new skills is truly admirable.
7. The team's eagerness to succeed was palpable before the match.
8. His eagerness for adventure led him to explore uncharted territories.
9. The students' eagerness for knowledge made teaching a joy.
10. She approached the opportunity with great eagerness.
11. The entrepreneur's eagerness to innovate drove the company's success.
12. The child's eagerness to meet their favorite superhero was contagious.
13. The crowd's eagerness for the concert was evident in their cheers.
14. Their eagerness to help those in need inspired the community.
15. The artist's eagerness to create knew no bounds.
16. The politician's eagerness to serve the people was evident in every action.
17. The chef's eagerness to experiment with flavors resulted in unique dishes.
18. The scientist's eagerness for discovery led to groundbreaking research.
19. Her eagerness to volunteer her time for charity touched many lives.
20. The athlete's eagerness to compete at the highest level drove their training.
21. The student's eagerness for success motivated them to excel academically.
22. The explorer's eagerness to explore the unknown was unparalleled.
23. Their eagerness to foster a sense of community was heartwarming.
24. The employee's eagerness to take on new challenges impressed the boss.
25. His eagerness to lend a helping hand in times of crisis was commendable.



enthusiasm, apathy, indifference, reluctance


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