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How to pronounce reconnaissance (audio)


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Dictionary definition of reconnaissance

The act of gathering information or intelligence about a particular area, group, or situation, often in preparation for some future action.
"The reconnaissance mission uncovered valuable intelligence about the enemy's position."

Detailed meaning of reconnaissance

It is commonly used in the context of military or espionage operations, where reconnaissance is essential to understanding an enemy's strength, tactics, and defenses. However, reconnaissance can also be used in other contexts, such as business or scientific research, to gather information that can be used to inform decisions or strategies. The term can also refer to the mission or operation itself, such as a reconnaissance mission undertaken by military personnel. Overall, reconnaissance is a critical aspect of many different fields and is used to gather information that can be used to make informed decisions and take effective action.

Example sentences containing reconnaissance

1. The military conducted a thorough reconnaissance of the enemy's positions.
2. A reconnaissance drone provided crucial information about the disaster's impact.
3. The scout's reconnaissance was essential for planning the expedition.
4. They sent a team on a reconnaissance mission to gather intelligence.
5. Aerial reconnaissance photos offered critical insights into the situation.
6. The reconnaissance mission unveiled hidden enemy bunkers.

History and etymology of reconnaissance

The noun 'reconnaissance' has its etymological roots in French. It is derived from the Old French word 'reconnoissance,' which means 'recognition' or 'knowledge.' The term is a combination of 're-' (again) and 'connoissance' (knowledge). Originally, 'reconnaissance' referred to the act of recognizing or knowing something again, often in the context of identifying terrain or landmarks. Over time, especially in the context of military operations, the word evolved to signify the act of gathering information or intelligence about a particular area, group, or situation, often in preparation for some future action. This etymology reflects the historical use of reconnaissance as a means to gain knowledge and recognition, which is crucial in planning and executing various strategic activities.

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Further usage examples of reconnaissance

1. The submarine conducted underwater reconnaissance to locate wrecks.
2. The reconnaissance flight captured real-time data on the forest fire.
3. The reconnaissance report guided their strategy during the negotiation.
4. The mission involved night reconnaissance to assess security.
5. They relied on reconnaissance to monitor wildlife populations.
6. The reconnaissance drone provided a bird's-eye view of the area.
7. The reconnaissance team mapped out the treacherous mountain terrain.
8. Submarine reconnaissance plays a vital role in maritime operations.
9. The reconnaissance revealed vulnerabilities in the city's infrastructure.
10. The reconnaissance mission uncovered valuable information about the target.
11. Aerial reconnaissance helped assess the extent of the flood damage.
12. The reconnaissance data played a pivotal role in disaster response.
13. The reconnaissance revealed a hidden underground network.
14. The soldier's job was to conduct reconnaissance and gather information about enemy movements.
15. The company sent a team on a reconnaissance mission to assess the feasibility of expanding to a new market.
16. The spy was trained in reconnaissance techniques and tasked with gathering intelligence on foreign governments.
17. The researcher conducted a reconnaissance of the literature to identify gaps in the existing knowledge.
18. The reconnaissance drone provided valuable data on the extent of damage caused by the hurricane.
19. The police conducted a reconnaissance of the area to assess the safety risks before entering.
20. The scientist sent a team on a reconnaissance to collect samples from the remote region.
21. The reconnaissance satellite was able to provide high-resolution images of the Earth's surface.
22. The military unit conducted a reconnaissance of the enemy's stronghold before launching an attack.
23. The explorer conducted a reconnaissance of the uncharted territory to identify potential routes.
24. The company's market research team conducted a reconnaissance to gather information on consumer preferences.



scouting, ignorance, neglect, disregard


Suffix -ance, Attention and Focus, Comprehension and Understanding, Discovery and Exploration, Wisdom and Understanding, Tactical Maneuvers and Control, Prediction and Foresight, Strategy and Planning

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