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How to pronounce redress (audio)

Dictionary definition of redress

To remedy, correct, or rectify a situation or grievance, typically involving the restoration of justice, fairness, or balance.
"The teacher used good humor to redress difficult behaviour in his class."

Detailed meaning of redress

When we redress something, we take action to address an issue or wrongdoing, often by providing compensation, relief, or resolution to those who have been wronged or adversely affected. This term signifies the act of making amends or providing a remedy for an injustice or imbalance. For example, in legal contexts, redress may involve compensating a victim for damages suffered due to someone else's actions. In social or political contexts, it can refer to addressing inequalities or injustices through policy changes or reforms. "Redress" emphasizes the pursuit of fairness and the correction of wrongs to ensure that individuals or groups receive appropriate restitution or resolution for their grievances.

Example sentences containing redress

1. The management have the authority to redress the concerns of staff.
2. The government failed to redress the economic problems in the country.
3. She is seeking redress for what she alleges was sexual harrassment.
4. Little could be done to redress the terrorist situation.
5. She worked to redress the imbalance, finding ways to level the playing field and create fairness.
6. He worked to redress the injustice, fighting to correct the wrong and bring about change.

History and etymology of redress

The verb 'redress' has a history rooted in Old French and Latin. It can be traced back to the Old French word 'redrecier,' which means 'to set right' or 'to restore.' This Old French term is a combination of 're-' indicating 'back' or 'again' and 'dressier,' meaning 'to arrange' or 'to direct.' 'Redrecier' was influenced by the Latin word 'retractare,' which means 'to handle again' or 'to reconsider.' Therefore, the etymology of 'redress' conveys the idea of setting things right or handling a matter again. In English, it is used to describe the action of remedying, correcting, or rectifying a situation or grievance, typically involving the restoration of justice, fairness, or balance. The term 'redress' underscores the notion of restoring equilibrium and addressing grievances, reflecting its historical connection to the idea of making things right.

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Further usage examples of redress

1. They worked to redress the wrongs of the past, seeking to heal the wounds of history and move forward.
2. She worked to redress the problems, finding solutions and addressing the issues that were causing problems.
3. He worked to redress the imbalance of power, fighting for equal rights and opportunities for all.
4. They worked to redress the wrongs of society, fighting for justice and fairness for all.
5. We must redress this injustice immediately.
6. Can you redress the balance in our favor?
7. They seek to redress past wrongs through dialogue.
8. Governments should redress the harm caused to indigenous communities.
9. How do we redress the economic disparities among nations?
10. The organization helps to redress environmental damages.
11. The plan aims to redress gender inequalities in the workplace.
12. We must redress the power dynamics within the system.
13. To redress historical oppression, active steps are needed.
14. Activists demand we redress the skewed representation in media.
15. The proposal will redress some of the earlier oversight.
16. Can we redress the harm without causing more disruption?
17. The scheme was introduced to redress regional imbalances.
18. Schools should redress gaps in access to quality education.
19. They hope the new policy will redress years of neglect.
20. How do you intend to redress this grievance?
21. Efforts to redress racial inequalities remain a top priority.
22. We must redress the lost opportunities for our youth.
23. Will this action redress the issue at hand?
24. To ensure fairness, we should redress any miscalculations promptly.



amend, worsen, neglect, ignore


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